I am a bookkeeper and would like to know that I'm booking things right in QB for the Quipu Company estate industry. Is there any practical guide out there which will show me how to:. Go to Solution. There is a book on Amazon by Gita Faust. Not sure if she has a new book, but it is a guide.

I know you are using desktop, but if you were thinking about qbo, Seth David is a great source of info. He has a ton of you tub videos and some paid programs. View solution in original post. I would also suggest that you not use QuickBooks online.

Horrorific edition truly! I have 34 years of QuickBooks experience all the way back to dos, I suggest desktop. Do you use QB pro or pro plus? Pro plus is subscription based. I like the features for backup and auto upgrade. But my company is small and is it worthy to pay for accounting software each year? Margaux, I sooo agree Korean Real Estate Company you.

Made the mistake of allowing a bookkeeping service I was using fired themswitch me to QB Online. We purchase, rent traditional and short-termrenovate, run Airbnb's, provide short-term financing to other small investors, etc. What was set up was too complex for them as I also did a Exchange and had a lot of other things going on.

I am now converting back to QB Desktop for both of our real estate LLC's and am taking courses to become QB Certified in addition to managing our real estate business with my husband. Our industry is unique to any other QB type business and I find that there is too much generalization that goes on. One has to know or get to understand the various nuances of Real Estate Investors and their properties or assets and how they are handled.

Because of this lack of QB knowledge and expertise, I've had to take this route to become as knowledgeable as possible.

So to the initial poster It will pay off in the long term. And yes, Gita Faust is fantastic! We've have spoken on several occasions and as someone who was in the real estate business, she intimately knows what we need and can certainly be of help through her materials to you. All the best to you! Do you have a solution to permit a Property Manager to be able to enter on-site rental payments into QB Desktop, without providing access to the entire program? This appears to be the downside of Desktop.

With QBO, there are 3rd party vendors that can integrate with the Online version for specific tasks. I've only found a couple of integrations that can Sync with Desktop, and the reviews are very mixed leaving me concerned with my valuable data. The option to allow your Property Manager to only enter payments in QuickBooks is currently not available.

But I have another option for you. You can apply for a QuickBooks Payment account. With this, you can accept credit card or ACH payments which will then sync automatically once connected. I've too tried desperately to find help in entering a real estate closing into QuickBooks, Quickbooks For Real Estate Company after a lot of research I would like to offer the solution I used to enter the closing accounting.

I believe this is a unique approach to the problem, but it works, and I could actually understand the process - I'm not a trained accountant. You'll see where the unique aspect comes into play when you enter the closing statement details. Here was the situation when I created my real estate company in QuickBooks:.

This is where I entered the earnest money check I wrote to the realtor. I Entered the Earnest Money Check. Since I didn't have a business account yet, this was a personal check I wrote to the realtor. Enter the amount of the earnest money in the "Increase" Column, and use the account "Owner Capital Investment". File Incorporation and setup a Business Checking Account if you haven't already. I put the funds for the closing into the business checking account prior to closing, so I could write the final check at closing from the business checking account.

The earnest deposit amount should already be in the register. These entries were:. These were:. Here are the expense accounts I created for my closing:. The trick to this approach of using the building asset account Voyager Water Company Tucson enter the closing information is that you can't enter Quickbooks For Real Estate Company purchase price of the building itself in the building register.

What you should find is that after all Credits and Debits are entered into the building account, you should be left with a balance in the register equal to the purchase price of the property, which is the BASIS Value you want in the register! You should finally make an adjustment and move the appropriate amount from the building account to the "Land" account, since Land is not depreciable. The real estate tax bill will have an assessment for the value of the land, but that is not always an accurate figure.

I want to convert back to Desktop for my real estate investment and rental business and it's hard finding information on how to do so. Let me guide you how. Enter a search word. Turn off suggestions. Enter a user name or rank. Turn on suggestions. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Connect with and learn from others in the QuickBooks Community. Join now.

Level 2. Is there any guide out there for QB real estate bookkeeping? Is there any practical guide out there which will show me how to: book sale and purchase HUD book property tax payments possibly from escrow account Booking refinances Booking construction loans and keeping track of the amounts drawn and still available.

Rehab: capital improvement vs. Labels: QuickBooks Desktop. Reply Join the conversation. Best answer Best Answers. Level 6. Good luck! Level 3. Level 1.

I am currently on Desktop as well, and we do not use other Property Management Software. QB Desktop is managed offsite from the Property we manage.

Stay with Desktop, or deal with the learning curve of QBO and add an integration partner? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance. QuickBooks Team. Select Add Credit Card Processing. Complete the online form to submit your payments account application to us. Don't hesitate to let me know how this goes. I'll be here in the Community to assist you.

So here's what I did. Here was the situation when I created my Zigong Dino Ocean Art Company estate company in QuickBooks: - I had not incorporated yet - I had not created my bank account yet 1A.

This was enough to get started. These entries were: - Deposit, Loan Financing Amount and any other amounts I received from the seller. These were: - Closing, Recording and Transfer Fees, Title Insurance, any prorated utilities I needed to pay for, Survey, and the first loan payment interest only. Hope this helps! Thank you. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Verify that the version of QuickBooks Desktop, to which you are exporting, is open and sitting at the No Company Open screen.

In the Save your company file pop-up window, select a location to save the export company file. In the Create new QuickBooks file pop-up window, give the file a name and save the file to a local directory. Click Finish. Zero Day Company, make sure to use Internet Explorer 10 or higher when exporting your data.

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