If you are able to export your QuickBooks Online company file onto QuickBooks Desktopkeep in mind that there will be a lot of data changed or loss, here is a list:. Classes: Name is limited to 31 characters. These lists are created in QuickBooks Desktop with their default Mountain Pie Company items except:.

Preferences : Company preferences, Joan And Company company information, are not exported. You need to populate this before you can use other features in QuickBooks Desktop. One line in the transaction represents three lines, as shown in the Journal Report for the transaction. As Income starts to get paid off by payments, a proportional amount of the payment is included to the COGS lines.

This affects the cash basis reports. Another example is the use of negative lines on invoices. Follow Me:. Your email address will not be published.

Call us to or email: hector quickbooks-training. Expenses : Expenses or Cash purchases are converted to checks. Account numbers are exported, but only appear if you turn on the preference. Instructions appear after the export is successful. Unity Seed Company accounts are exported as inactive accounts and will lose their account numbers.

Errors may occur when you export customers and sub-customers with the same names. Company Unique Tax Reference customers are exported as inactive customers. Processor compliance deals with credit card information of your customers. When you process merchant account transactions or use the credit card field on the customer record, rules for how that information are handled apply including transferring to another version of software.

Employee List Display Name is limited to 31 characters. Full Name is limited to 39 characters. Employee Notes are not exported. Deleted employees are exported as inactive employees.

For example: If your reference number for invoices in QBO is 15 characters, are shortened to the limit of a QuickBooks Desktop invoice reference number field which is If you have list names that exceed the limit, edit and shorten before you export. Multi-currency Companies that use multi-currency should not be exported to QuickBooks Desktop. The export may fail altogether, resulting in an empty QuickBooks Desktop file.

Even if the export does succeed, any transactions in currencies other than US Dollars 1847 Rogers Bros International Silver Company be changed into USD without Quickbooks Online Export Company File converted properly. You may also see other errors such as duplicate or missing transactions if you export QBO files that use multi-currency.

All data about each payment method is exported. If a check number field is blank, QuickBooks Desktop assigns a number that may cause duplicates. The existing quantity on hand and the corresponding asset values are also exported. Cost Non-Inventory items are converted as non-inventory items.

All categories must have items of the same type to allow all sub-items to be exported. Reconcile reports are not exported due to their special nature Quickbooks Online Export Company File a static report. The corresponding lists in QuickBooks Desktop contain their default list items. Some reports are slightly different in QuickBooks Desktop. The two products have Jersild Knitting Company cash basis calculations so Accrual Basis reports match but Cash Basis reports may not.

These differences are displayed on reports but the actual account balances always match after the conversion. For example, transactions using inventory items affect COGS and Inventory Asset accounts differently in the two products. The differences are: In QuickBooks Desktop, every inventory item on a transaction represents three accounts and three amounts: Income Inventory Asset COGS One line in the transaction represents three lines, as shown in the Journal Report for the transaction.

QuickBooks Online treats all the lines as separate, so the COGS line is fully paid by the asset line when the invoice is saved. Both products treat the asset account the same way including the way payments are made to it. QuickBooks Online continues to show the entire amount. Your accrual reports are unaffected by this change. Memorized reports will not be exported. Sales Tax Sales tax information on invoices are not exported. Instead, invoices will gain an additional line item representing the sales tax.

Transactions Exported: Credit Memos Sales Receipts Received payments and bill payments Links between bills and bill payments Links between invoices and received payments Invoices Invoices that contain charges, credits, billable expenses, or time associated with sub-customers will be separated into one invoice per customer.

Note: There are instances when payments applied to certain invoices fail to export because of the rounding differences in the two formats.

In this case, manually correct the amount in the invoice, then enter the associated payment. Refund Receipts Each refund receipt is converted to a credit memo and check if the refund is from a bank account or to a general journal entry for refunds from other types of accounts. Bills, checks, Quickbooks Online Export Company File card charges, credit card credits, vendor credits, journal entries, and deposits If a check number field is blank, QuickBooks Desktop will automatically assign a number that may cause duplicates.

To avoid this, enter some notation in the check number field for example EFT before exporting. Locations The locations list is also not converted. Print on Check As field is limited to 41 characters. Address is limited to three lines with 41 characters each. E-mail Address is limited to 81 characters. Deleted vendors are exported as inactive vendors.

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