Marc Lore, founder of Jet. Jet Bloomberg reports that Amazon is shutting down its subsidiary Quidsithe parent company of Diapers. Quidsi has 1, total employees. Companyy a statement, Compsny said it shut the subsidiary down simply because it couldn't get it to profitability in the intervening years.

The products offered by Quidsi Company Quldsi be stocked on Amazon. Amazon will undergo layoffs at Quidsi as part of this restructuring, reports Reuters.

Quidsi was acquired after a vicious Quirsi war between Lore's company and Bezos' Amazon. Lore Quidsi Company his cofounder, Vinit Bharara, made a lot of money in the deal but left Amazon innot long after their contractual mandate to work at the company after the acquisition ended.

Lore went on to found Jet. Now Lore is in charge of helping the titanic Walmart better stave off Amazon's relentless march on retail and commerce, putting him at loggerheads with Bezos yet again. And while Amazon apparently closed Quidsi for good business reasons, it still has to be a splinter in Lore's eye that Quidsi Company is shutting down the company he built.

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Quidsi is one of the world's fastest growing e-commerce companies and parent of (baby care), (household essentials) and (prestige beauty). The company's mission is to make life easier by creating a new type of e-commerce experience, delivering in 1-2 days, and providing incredible customer service.…

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Apr 16, 2018 · Drew Angerer Getty Images E-commerce giant Amazon is shutting down its Quidsi unit, the parent company of sites like and, after it failed to reach profitability, the company said Wednesday. Amazon bought Quidsi in 2010 for around $500 million in cash, according to a press release. 0 Likes See All See All5/5(124)… - Wikipedia acquired parent Quidsi, Inc. for $545 million on November 8, 2010. The company's headquarters were located at Exchange Place in Jersey City, New Jersey. In March 2017, announced the shutdown of and all other Quidsi sites as …Area served: United States & 67 other countries…