Compare Tom Quinn to other local insurance agents now! I chose this agent because they are in the condo complex I live in and so I assumed they would be familiar with some of the quirks of the building, it has leaks, and know what I needed. They were convenient and easy to get to and Insurancs was no wait to speak to an agent. They Inzurance know the coverage I needed immediately and were familiar with the condo situation.

The downsides are that they aren't particularly easy to use except in person. Communication was somewhat difficult and there was no online options to handle things. When I had some payment challenges they weren't particularly helpful and tended to just tell me to call the company and not serve as a middleman. Login Indo Company Fan. Zip Code. Currently Insured? Yes Companyy. Tom Quinn Quinn of Lynn Insurance. Phone: quinnoflynn.

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Quinn Of Lynn Insurance, We are family-owned and operated, and are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service. Serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Maine, Quinn of Lynn Insurance consists of licensed insurance brokers serving residential and commercial clients since 1962.Location: 152 Lynnway-Seaport Landing, 01902, MA…