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Image courtesy of Ras The Rabigh-2 Xiamen Trading Company project is expected to start operations in Image courtesy of Siemens.

Siemens will provide turbines for the Rabigh-2 power plant. The gas-fired thermal power plant is being built on a build, own, and operate BOO basis and is expected to commence operations in The SAR 5. Rabigh-2 will comprise three It has a base power output of MW and will operate at a gross efficiency rate of Rabigh-2 will be the first IPP in Saudi Arabia to utilise the combined-cycle technology with a thermal efficiency of It will use natural gas as the main fuel and super-light Arabian crude oil Rabigh Power Company Contact back-up fuel.

The gas-fired, combined cycle power project will operate in accordance with the environmental laws, regulations and standards of World Bank, IFC and the Saudi Presidency of Meteorology and Environment.

The entire electricity produced from Rabigh-2 will be purchased by SEC for a period of 20 years under a power purchase agreement PPA signed in November SEC, in return, will provide fuel, seawater intake and associated facilities and infrastructure. Siemens was awarded the contract to supply six gas turbinesthree steam turbines and nine generators for the plant in April.

The contractual scope also includes support services for erection and commissioning of the plant as well as long-term maintenance service for the 2 Credit Cards From Same Company. Image: The Rabigh-2 power project is expected to start operations in In this report, we look at the 30 big tech themes foridentifying winners and losers for each theme.

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