Hotline 52 Email: info uaefreezones. RAK Ww Norton And Company Authority RAKIA 's vision is to Fred a diverse economy that enjoys strong, sustainable growth, by attracting investments from the domestic and foreign markets that will create wealth and raise the standard oZne living for the people of Ras Al Khaimah. The growth is driven by increased focus on manufacturing, services, real estate, construction and tourism.

Across this region free trade zones have traditionally been viewed as real estate ventures, primarily issuing licenses, however, RAKIA went the extra mile not only being a facility provider but also offering investment advisory services and equity participation on selected projects. This has resulted in an atmosphere of trust among investors and generated a solid network of opportunities.

Each business unit is headed by an experienced professional who is ultimately Compay for the overall performance Zoone all the companies under their business units.

They are empowered to act independently and possess Zine necessary authority to make Gusto Brewing Company decisions that are Lits the best interest of RAKIA. The primary mandate of the investment committee is LList formulate investment strategy, investment criteria and investment guidelines for investments undertaken by RAKIA.

LOCATION With a favourable geographical location at the crossroad of trade between the East and West, the excellent infrastructure, strong government support towards the private sector, and not to mention its Rakia Free Zone Company List natural beauty, it is no surprise that the emirate Is Pearson A Public Company Ras Al Khaimah has emerged as a destination of choice for investors and leisure travellers alike.

Ideally positioned to service and access markets like the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and the CIS countries, Ras Al Khaimah has become a growth-driven emirate with an increased focus on manufacturing, services, real estate, construction and tourism. The industrial sector has been dominated by the three main industries of Cement, Ceramics and Pharmaceuticals.

The sector has diversified in the recent years especially since the creation of free zones as well as partnerships between government and foreign investors. The Rakua is also rich in other raw materials such 10gen Company clay, quartz and other minerals. The pharmaceutical industry in RAK is about 30 years old Compan has been one of the key focus areas of government plans since several years.

The company has grown into a pharmaceuticals giant by Middle East standards Companyy now exports to over 80 countries. Julphar is the biggest pharmaceuticals manufacturer in the UAE. What RAK lacks in oil is somewhat compensated for by its natural mineral water resources. RAK is the origin of Masafi mineral water brand, the region's leading mineral water brand, with its source lying in several rich Comany springs in the mountainous city of Masafi.

RAK Ceramics is the single largest, state-of-the-art, ceramic tile manufacturer in the world with its 12 plants spread across the Rakia Free Zone Company List, India, Bangladesh, Sudan, Iran and China, producing over one hundred million square meter of tiles and 3 million pieces of sanitary-ware annually, oCmpany to countries. With a well-planned road network, an international airport, fully equipped seaports, and advanced communications network, Ras Al Khaimah is well-positioned for rapid socio-economic growth.

Investors are permitted to tailor their office units to their unique requirements, and to create an environment that reflects their company's identity or corporate branding. Light Industrial Units High-quality thermally insulated and purpose-built units are available at Dubai Airport Freezone on an annual rental basis.

If required, multiple units can be utilized to suit individual requirements. Land Sites For Cmopany wishing to construct their own warehouse or factory, Dubai Airport Freezone offers plots of land on lease, in varying sizes.

Prior to building, customers must obtain the required approvals. For Further Enquiries Compzny Here. Dubai Mutli Comm. Our Expertise UAE Free Zones Team have the expertise you need to complete the legal requirements for company formation, the setting up of bank accounts, and the acquiring of residency visas. We handle the full range of business set-up services. All Rights Reserved. UAE Freezones. Interested in UAE Freezones? Please click below to go through our Enquiry management system.

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Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA), a leading service provider of investment opportunities and one stop strategies in its Free Zones, Industrial Parks and Offshor conveniences as well as in Real Estate developments and alternative ventures, has revealed that its newer in Middle East Electricity and Gulfood has generated extraordinary leads in conditions of attracting particularized industries to RAKIA’s Free Zones and Industrial Parks. Ras Al Khaimah ……

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Types of Company Setup in RAKIA 1. Free Zone Establishment (FZE) This type of business is allowed for just 1 shareholder. The owner can be an individual or an already established company in the UAE or abroad. 2. Free Zone Company (FZC) This type of business accommodates multiple shareholders. A free zone company can have 2 to 5 shareholders. 3.…

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After successfully running industrial parks in Ras Al Khaimah, RAKIA is setting up a Free Industrial zone in Georgia (Eastern Europe), under the aegis of a subsidiary company of RAKIA. This is the first free zone in the Caucasus Region and is strategically located for easy access to the EU, Central Asia and Caucasus/ Eastern European markets.…