The largest manufacturer Randon Company trailers and semi-trailers in Latin America and among the largest in the world, Randon S. Randon also operates in the segment of rail freight cars of the types hoppergondolatankgeneral cargoand platformin addition to stationary silos for industrial bulk material.

The company has already manufactured overunits, a significant share that shows the important role that Randon has played in the expansion of highway freight transportation in the country. One example is the DuraTech painting process performed by entirely immersing chassis in a paint tank Electrophoretic paintingproviding painting quality standard similar to that used in cars and truck cabs, and making Randon the only manufacturer of semi-trailers in Latin America to offer this competitive edge.

The history of the expansion of highway freight transportation in the country is directly linked to the evolution of Randon in meeting Randon Company demands of that segment, creating solutions for the entire chain with products and technological innovations Compajy make Randon a player recognized worldwide.

Company Profile. In Brazil, customer service is carried out through a solid network of distributors that are strategically located in 73 places in the country. In Dialysis Machine Company Name foreign market, where Randon has been operating for four decades, the company is present in over 70 countries.

To reach the various continents, Randon has an international network in 45 points, in addition to international offices and CKD assembly units, where the products are designed and developed according to local transport requirements. Randon ImplementosProfile. Send by e-mail. Your e-mail has not been received. Please try again. Top of the page. Compaby also:. Home Rajdon map. Company Products Distributors Network. Randon Implementos. All rights reserved. Online Privacy Policy.

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