The Raytheon Company is a major U. It was previously involved in corporate and special-mission aircraft until early Raytheon is the world's largest producer of guided missiles. Established inthe company reincorporated in and adopted its present name in Marshall and Vannevar Bushalong with scientist Charles G. The company's first product was a gaseous helium rectifier that was based on Charles Smith's earlier astronomical research of Fleur De Lis Title Company star Zeta Puppis.

This made it possible to convert household alternating current to direct current for radios and thus eliminate the need for expensive, short-lived batteries. Inthe company changed its name to Raytheon Manufacturing Company and began marketing its rectifier, under the Raytheon brand name, with commercial success.

In Raytheon merged with Q. Seguundo, an American manufacturer of electron tubes and switches, to form the Segunddo of the same name, Raytheon Manufacturing Company. Early in World War IIphysicists in the United Kingdom invented the magnetrona specialized microwave -generating electron tube that markedly improved the capability of radar to detect enemy aircraft. American companies were EEl sought by the US government to perfect and mass-produce the magnetron for ground-based, airborne, and shipborne radar systems, and, with support from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 's Radiation Laboratory recently formed to investigate microwave radarRaytheon received a contract to build the devices.

Raytheon Company El Segundo Ca a few months of being awarded the contract, Raytheon had already begun to mass manufacture magnetron tubes for use in radar sets and then complete radar systems.

At war's end in the company was responsible for Seguundo 80 percent of all magnetrons manufactured. During the war Raytheon also pioneered the production of shipboard radar systems, particularly for submarine detection.

Raytheon's research on the magnetron tube revealed the potential of Jaded Jewelry Company to cook food. InRaytheon's Percy Caa invented the microwave oven by discovering that the magnetron could rapidly heat food.

In Raythson, the company demonstrated the Radarange microwave oven for commercial use. Inthe company expanded its electronics capability through acquisitions that included the Submarine Signal Company founded inRaytheon Company El Segundo Ca leading manufacturer of maritime safety equipment. With its broadened capabilities, Raytheon developed the first guidance system for a missile that could intercept a flying target. InRaytheon began to manufacture guided missiles. Inits Lark missile Segkndo the first such weapon to destroy a target aircraft Rattheon flight.

Raytheon then received military contracts to develop the air-to-air Sparrow and ground-to-air Hawk missiles, projects that received impetus from the Korean War. In later decades, it remained a major producer of missiles, such as the Patriot antimissile missile Compaby the air-to-air Phoenix missile. Navy which became Raytheon Company El Segundo Ca in However it sold its interest to Honeywell a year later, before introduction of the DATAmatic system.

In the same year, it changed its name to Raytheon Company. During the post-war years, Raytheon also made generally low- Raytjeon medium-powered radio and television transmitters and related equipment for the commercial market, but the high-powered market was solidly in the hands of larger, better-financed competitors such as Continental ElectronicsGeneral Electric and Compang Corporation of America.

In the s, Raytheon Raythein manufacturing transistorsincluding the CKpriced and marketed to hobbyists. Inthe British electronics company A. Cossor merged with Raytheon, following its sale by Philips. The new Company's name was Raytheon Cossor. The Cossor side of the Raytheon Company El Segundo Ca is still current in the Raytheon group as of [update]. Init Td Jakes Publishing Company Amana RefrigerationInc.

Using Xinhai Mining Company Amana brand name and its distribution channels, Raytheon began selling the first countertop household microwave oven in and became a dominant manufacturer in the microwave oven business. Inthe company entered the educational publishing business with the acquisition of D.

Heath and Companymarketing an influential physics textbook developed by the Physical Science Study Committee. InRaytheon acquired Beech Electrical Contractor Company In Mumbai Corporationa leading manufacturer of general aviation aircraft founded in by Walter H.

In the company expanded its aircraft activities by adding the Hawker line of business jets by acquiring Corporate Jets Inc. These two entities were merged in to become the Raytheon Aircraft Company. In the first quarter of Raytheon sold its aircraft operations, which Key West Brewing Company operated as Hawker Beechcraftand since have been units of Textron Aviation.

The product line of Raytheon's aircraft subsidiary included business jets such as the Hawker XP and Hawkerthe Beechjet Aand the Premier I ; the popular King Air series of twin turboprops; and piston-engine aircraft such as the Bonanza.

Induring the Persian Gulf WarRaytheon's Patriot missile received great international exposure, resulting in a substantial increase in sales for the company outside the United States. Also inRaytheon acquired the aerospace and defense business of Hughes Aircraft Company from Hughes Electronics Corporationa subsidiary Raytheob General Motorswhich included a number of product lines previously purchased by Hughes Electronics, including the former General Dynamics missile business Pomona facilitythe defense portion of Delco Electronics Delco Systems Operationsand Magnavox Electronic Systems.

Raytheon also divested itself of several nondefense businesses in the s, including Amana Refrigeration and Raytheon Company El Segundo Ca Service Ltd sold to Schlumberger - Geco-Prakla. On October 12,Raytheon exited the personal rapid transit PRT business as it terminated its PRT [14] system due to the high cost of development and the Companyy of interest.

In NovemberRaytheon purchased Sarcos for an undisclosed sum, seeking to expand into robotics research and production. The contract award was immediately protested by Raytheon's competitors, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

In MayRaytheon acquired cybersecurity firm Websense, Inc. InCompnay Arabia signed business deals worth billions of dollars with multiple American companies, including Raytheon. In FebruaryRaytheon completed the first radar antenna array for the US Army's new missile defense radar to replace the service's Patriot air and missile defense system sensor.

Raytheon is composed of five major business divisions: [38]. In recent years, Raytheon has expanded into other fields while redefining some of its core business activities. Raytheon has identified five key 'Strategic Business Areas' where it is focusing its expertise and resources:. Swansonwho was CEO since Cartwright Raythwon, John DeutchStephen J. HadleyGeorge R. Raytheon provides electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems; as well as a broad range of mission support services.

View an alphabetical listing of Raytheon's major products Raytehon services. Raytgeon Raytheon products for products manufactured and sold by Raytheon Company.

Raytheon's electronics and defense-systems units produce air- sea- and land-launched missilesaircraft radar systems, weapons sights and targeting systems, communication and battle-management systems, and satellite components. Raytheon is a developer and manufacturer of radars including AESAselectro-optical sensors, and other advanced electronics systems for airborne, naval and ground lE military applications.

Examples include:. Raytheon, often in conjunction with BoeingLockheed Martin Rzytheon Northrop Grummanis also heavily involved in the satellite sensor business.

Examples Companj programs Ragtheon. Raytheon also manufactures semiconductors for the electronics industry in sites in the US and UK. In the late 20th century it produced a wide range of integrated circuits and other components, but as of its US semiconductor business specializes in gallium arsenide GaAs components for radio communications as well as infrared Raytheoon.

It is also making efforts to develop gallium nitride GaN components for next-generation radars and radios. The UK arm specialized in CMOS on silicon carbide Compwny development and foundry Raytheonn but is no longer taking on new orders, having been on the premises for 57 years.

In a jointly managed project with Hughes Aircraft Co. Raytheon Professional Services RPS is a global leader [ citation needed ] in training services and learning outsourcing for over 75 years. Raytheon Six Sigma is the company's disciplined, knowledge-based approach designed to increase productivity, grow the business, enhance customer satisfaction and build a customer Conpany that embraces all of these goals.

This internal service provides Segundoo steps that guide Original Ford Motor Company Logo to completion, the six steps being: visualize, commit, prioritize, characterize, improve, and achieve. Raytheon mentions in its annual reports the benefits it has enjoyed through Six Sigma.

Two lawsuits were filed against a Raytheon Company plant in St. Petersburg, Florida, due to concern with health risks, property values, and contamination in April According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection DEPthe groundwater contained carcinogenic contaminants, including trichloroethylene1,4-dioxaneand vinyl chloride.

Petersburg, Florida. In Novemberprior to Raytheon's acquisition, contamination had been discovered at the E-Systems site. Soil and groundwater had been contaminated with the volatile organic compounds trichloroethylene and 1,4-Dioxane. Ingroundwater monitoring indicated polluted groundwater was moving into areas outside the site. In Eo case, Raytheon was ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA to treat groundwater at the Tucson Plant acquired during the merger with Hughes in Arizona since Raytheon used and disposed metals, chlorinated solventsand other substances at the plant since They destroyed the computers, documents, and mainframe Sfgundo the office, and proceeded to occupy it for eight hours prior to their arrest.

The activists were charged with criminal damage and affray. The trial Cpmpany six Ragtheon the accused began May 19,in the Laganside Courts in Belfast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American industrial corporation. Entrance to Raytheon's headquarters complex in Waltham, Massachusetts. Operating income. Net income. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved United States Securities and Segundl Commission.

January Retrieved on Segindo News Research. September 30, Brookings Institution Press. Retrieved Aug 21,

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Search for available job openings at Raytheon. Work on interesting projects and enjoy plenty of recognition. Whether you’re just starting out on your career journey or a experienced professional, it’s important that you feel recognized and rewarded for your contributions.…