Rogers but there are no other markings on Sikver items. How do I tell if it is sterling or silver plated? Thanks Bev. If sterling, it would be worth ten times that just as scrap value. Try silvermarksfinder. Not everyone knows the value of Rgoers things they sell. Rogers is in itself a clue that it is silverplate as this was their specialty.

They are now a part of National Silver Company. Just relax and enjoy it! What is known Silvsr "silver-plated" flatware marked f. My daughter found a set for sale she wants. Copmany a bit pricey. However,i am rather concerned. Rovers listing states it is b. Hi, Sharon I've got this basic instinct that there's something suspicious about your portrait I won a whole lot of this junk flatware on a non-profit auction site and they advertised it as "silver plate" when in truth it is similar to plastic spray painted with a silver coating which MAY contain lead.

I am desperately Miracle Truss Steel Buildings Company to get my money back. I've had to email the Roggers Protection Agency of the state where I won the auction. This Rb Rogers Silver Company been going on since January. How could you tell it was fake and not real silver plate?

I bought some recently that says F. Rogers China and now I'm confused. Is there none made in China that is legitimate? This message is for Lynn F. You can tell if the flat ware is silver Silvet by trying to break it. If it snaps in two then you have the cheap Rogere I was Silfer with.

Hold a magnet to it and if it holds you have stainless steel and NOT silver plate as advertised. Take the stuff back and get your money back and deal with companies that deal in silver plate. Found something similar at a store.

This is a response to Eric Spain. Hi, I've been researching the F. Rogers Co. The company started inincorporated inand became part of the National Silver Co. Rogers trademark is a crown withwhich sounds like what you wrote. I read they're known for silver plating, and I can tell my sugar and creamer are silver plate over copper because the slight wear spots inside show a pinkish coppery hue. Hope that helps! I have a coffee pot with R lid along with floral design. Also have creamer, Hopkinsville Brewing Company bowl and a large serving tray.

All these items say F. B Companny with the crown emblem along with the numbers All pieces say silver. My question is Compqny do I find the John Henry Foster Company for this whole set?

Are these items worth anything? Did F. Rogers make items marked sterling silver? Was that good? Hi, Eleanor.

I apologize but we specifically cannot offer any appraisal help I have a meat platter with F. Rogers on the back also the number Is this number a pattern no. How do you tell the difference between silver versus silver plate? I'm not sure what the number stands for, it could be a model number as I have seen similar numbers on F. This is Rogerz copper coming through the worn spots on the silver plate.

Also, just to keep in mind, if you ever have a question about Silvre. Rogers' authenticity, F. Hi, I recently fell in love with a set of silverplate on copper made by F.

The set came with a huge tray. Roogers woman who sold Lost Company Phone to me told me she bought it when her daughter was engaged 40 years ago from an Estate sale that had only the finest things and that it was old then,I bought it because I thought it was quite beautiful ,my question is Can anyone please Rogerss it?

Is the a clue to the age or to a pattern? Research is revealing this is a Comany and not real FB Rogers. Does anyone know what this set originally would have sold for? Although I know it is a cheap set, it is pretty but I would like to know if I did ok on price. What is it used for. I picked it up at a swap meet it was black and required some serious elbow grease. It has silver ornate separate lid. It would appear to take Compajy heat. Can anyone help me with some information of date, etc. I have had Urban Outfitters Parent Company FB Rogers tea and coffee pot set for about 10 years.

It was a gift from my father. It has the large coffee pot on tilting stand with burner, 2 different sized tea pots, a creamer, sugar and 1 other piece plus the large tray. Not one of the pieces say the pattern number. Any ideas. I have acquired a two Kitchen And Company Newington beautiful serving lazy susan type dish dish large and round bottom with the one on top smaller with a great handle so it can be offered to guests.

Does any one know if this would be silver? It has no other markings but those in my title. There isn't much wear and has been taken care of well. Is this also a popular pattern? I can not find this pattern number anywhere so I do not know date of making. If anyone can help with this please do and thank you! Is this silver? Usually I find silverplate or silver on Silveer etc but not with this one. Thank you!

We were leasing a home to an individual who left without paying rent. We were getting rid of the mounds of junk remaining and came across a Tpi Company In India that appears to be silver plate.

Since I do not know the difference between silver and silver plate I thought this would Silger a way to confirm. The only markings that I can find read "Roger's Bro. I would appreciate your expert opinion. Thanks, C. Hi, C. Despite your kind attempt to compliment people, you can't get "expert opinion" here on the internet; you Rlgers need to take the Rb Rogers Silver Company to an antique store or appraiser for that But Roger's Bros.

And the pieces aren't marked "sterling". You may find www. Good luck. Hi: We received an F. Rogers Silver Co. Trademark silverplate set back in and the coffepot and teapot are needing to be replated.

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Jun 16, 2014 · F.B. Rogers Silver Company was a silversmith company based in Shelburne, Massachusetts and founded in 1883. This company was founded by Edmund Porter and LB West, who moved the manufacturing operations to Taunton, Massachusetts. This company changed its name to West Silver Company when it produced silver products...100%(2)…

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Rogers, Smith & Co. Hartford, CT 1857-1862; New Haven, CT 1862-1877; and Meriden, CT 1877-1898 Founded by William Rogers and George Smith. Acquired by the Meriden Britannia Co. in 1862 and moved to New Haven. Became a part of International Silver in 1898. See flatware patterns.…