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Close Modify Account. Modify Account First Name:. Zip code:. If this is your company, update your listing here. Booth N Short History:The initial concept for our Really Useful Boxes came from our owner who, as an account Short History:The initial concept for our Really Useful Boxes came from our owner who, as an accountant at a plastics company, wanted a transparent, strong, stacking storage box to store his archive records.

After exhaustive searches he was unable to locate such a product so in good old-fashion tradition created it himself. We have now evolved this concept into archival storage for Home and Office. We were established Usseful to develop a range of innovative plastic storage boxes. As far as we can understand it was the first time that a plastic storage box was created from a user's viewpoint.

We had no Uxeful container experience. The product does contain a great deal of original thought and we have a European and USA patent. The concept is one of those obvious products that should have been available years ago. Printable Exhibitor Lists Exhibitors Produchs Booth Cpmpany.

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The Really Useful Group is wholly owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber and exists to produce, license and promote his shows and music around the globe. Whether it is a professional production of The Phantom of the Opera or a school production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat or School of Rock, your journey starts here. We represent Andrew’s works in theatre, film, television, music ……

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The Really Useful Group Ltd. is an international company set up in 1977 by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is involved in theatre, film, television, video and concert productions, merchandising, magazine publishing, records and music publishing. The name is inspired by a phrase from the children's book series The Railway Series in which Thomas the Tank Engine and other locomotives are referred to as "Really …Founded: 1977…

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Really Useful Boxes from Really Useful Boxes Inc. Innovative storage products - strong, versatile plastic storage boxes, archive boxes & accessories including folding trolleys and racking. Retailer of Iris, Lock & Lock, NIPS, Jüscha, and Garland Garden Products…