Have you ever eaten at Noodles and Company? Our dish of choice was the penne rosa! To die for. We have been making our at home version of their Penne Rosa ever since we moved away from San Diego and our local Noodles and Company.

It has been a lazy Sunday afternoon staple for years and years and years around this house. We adore how fast and easy this dish is to whip up and to us it is the ultimate comfort food. Reminds us of home and reminds us of lots and lots of happy memories during our dating years. It is a solid, basic, make any day of the week meal that I promise will please your tummy!

One rule to follow when cooking your chicken is to resist the urge to be flip happy. DO NOT. I repeat. Do not flip your chicken a gazillion times. You want to cook Recipes From Noodles And Company side only once. Copy cat recipe Recipes From Noodles And Company Noodle's and Co Penne Rosa.

A spicy tomato cream sauce tossed with penne, tomatoes, and spinach - topped with parmesan chicken. Click here now for the full recipe!

Save Save. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I cooked this tonight for my family and it was amazing!

Before u add thoes ingredients add noodles garlic tomatoes and mushrooms to a pan and add vegitable broth and white wine and reduce trust me. I know how to make everything at noodles and co. This was delicious. Now I can. Thanks so much for sharing! Thank you for the recipe. Just tried it and turned out pretty well. I love penne rosa. This is my comfort food and I am glad I can Recipes From Noodles And Company it at any time I want but I am concerned about the heavy cream.

Can someone suggest a substitute for heavy cream while still somewhat preserving the taste of the recipe? Do you have a favorite? And if you The Company Card to substitute that in the recipe please let me know how it turns out! Ok, love the recipe but how on earth did you get your chicken to turn out like that?! Everything just fell off and stuck to the pan so I ended up baking it. Hi Mia!

Let me give you a few of my go-to tips. Your chicken needs to be pretty thin — so if you have thick chicken breasts I would butterfly them so that they can cook thru without burning.

Also Vacation Company Hilton Head Promo Code once you put the breaded chicken in the skillet do not flip it until it easily releases itself from the pan. So resist that urge to pry it from the pan. If you let it cook up like this you should get nice, golden, breaded chicken. Let me know if you give it another try. Made this for the first time. Good recipe. Instead of marinara and heavy cream, use vodka sauce as Griff suggested.

Add spinich a few minutes prior to serving so it has a little crunch left. Keep chicken warm in A degree oven on a cookie sheet with parchment paper until ready to serve. Made it for DInner tonight and loved it! So… this is my favorite from noodles and company! I want to make this for my family, BUT… my daughter is a veegetarian. Or should I just leave it out? Thank you! HEy karen! I made this with veg broth instead just by convenience and it Turned out perFect!

I also added tofu to the dish and it rounded the dish out. For the tofu i just SauteeD it on high for about 5 minutes until Lightly browned anD then Northland Company for 15 minutes, when You add it all together the longEr the tofu can sit and soak up the sauce the better it tastes :.

Make sure your chicken is nice and moist before coating. Also — do not flip the chicken until it easily releases from the pan. When the first side is done you should be able to easily release it and flip it. Flipping before it comes up easy will leave breading stuck to the pan. Tasted amazing! Lovve this recipe, everytIme i make it Nothing but praise. This was amazing!

My husband and I both adored it as well and it will be going in to the Kokomo Gas Company rotation. Thanks for making this recipe. While good, definitely not a noodles copycat. I made this as a vegetarian version and added double vegetables, a little cayenne, and feta.

Thanks for your comment Jesse. I wish I knew how noodles made it — so if you want to share any secrets :. This is my best stab having never seen their recipe card. I use ground cayenne pepper seasoning instead and its incredible, I use it generously for a good kick of spice. This is a great recipe thank you, you saved my struggling 20 year old lazy self. Welcome to Oh So!

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Prep Time. Cook Time. Total Time. Course: Main Course. Cuisine: Italian. Keyword: creamy tomato pasta, spicy creamy tomato sauce. Servings : 4 servings. Calories : kcal. Author : Kadee. Prepare penne pasta per package instructions. Meanwhile, Combine bread crumbs and parmesan cheese in a small bowl. Cook chicken in a skillet with 1 tbsp olive oil Recipes From Noodles And Company medium heat until cooked through and lightly browned.

Set aside to rest. Add remaining 2 tbsp of oil to Packing Shipping Company skillet and cook garlic until fragrant. Add in diced tomatoes and chicken broth. Cook for 1 minutes. Add marinara sauce and crushed red pepper.

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