I cannot guarantee a label will sign you but I can guarantee you will connect with important people at big labels. What happens after that is up to you! Have you made a fire track? Put your heart and soul into it? Maybe you just rapped over a shitty beat your friend made in garage band? Either way, if you want a deal you are going to need some type of demo, an account on SoundCloud, or music released on Spotify, Apple Music etc.

If Soulja Boy can make it going from Batesville, Mississippi and get his music out there you can too. Living in a small town or not a "Music Industry" city has nothing to do with the level of success you can achieve. Soulja uploaded his music everywhere online and posted his first YouTube video just 3 months after they launched Quality Marketing Company beta version.

Do you think artists get signed purely based on musical talent? Sorry but they don't. A good amount of stars parents pay their way into the music business. The other part is how good looking you are or how unique you look. Labels are looking for people they can turn into larger than life characters.

They need to see if you have the ability to be molded into a huge pop star regardless your genre of music Ring Amazon Company labels are looking to take you in the pop direction. They go where the money is. If you look like an average Joe then cover your face in weird tattoos and get a weird haircut. Yes, you are going to pick up the phone and call someone on it.

I know its frightening but you want a "record deal fast" remember? Don't worry I will tell you exactly what to say word for word and exactly what to do. I have used this pitch personally and had success with it but it only works Record Company Phone Numbers you nail it. You need to practice over and over again. Call the record label. This is when you confidently ask for the person's name of whoever you are trying to reach.

State your name confidently first. As an example: "George Goodrich for Nate Albert" then you will be sent through to their secretary or assistant. This is when you goto battle with the gatekeepers! The assistant will ask you in a hurriedly frantic voice who you are and what you want. My fans say I sound like a young version of super successful Withlacoochee Power Company star that sound somewhat like you.

I know you do not accept unsolicited material but I already have music on SoundCloud, Spotify and would appreciate your feedback on my music. You will call this person again the very next day and they will be flabergasted and borderline angry you are calling them again! Simply state your name and let them know you are following up.

Do this everyday until they either do one of the following. It is important to establish a relationship with lower level assistants as they will someday be running Lockheed Company label.

Here is a larger directory of record label phone numbers. Don't get discouraged if someone hangs up on you or calls you an idiot. Send me a message if you have success or good stories from your cold calling adventure.

Then again, who needs labels? Why not just get your music on some huge Spotify playlists and do it yourself? This can trigger algorithms on Spotify and feed Record Company Phone Numbers song into official playlists. Follow demodropgeorge. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. June 3, admin Leave a comment. If you found this from google you are one of the following: 1. Super lazy and don't know what hard work is.

Getting old and feel like your window to becoming a rockstar is closing fast. Have some serious fire music and need to get signed to a record label ASAP. Make some music. Follow this script- You: "Hey how are you? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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