Red Bull Cattle Company offers the best in Wagyu genetics, highest marbling and largest ribeye possible. Browse our website and get to know the cattle—they all have a story. If you would like to follow our progress request our posted marbling Logistics Company America just send us a message to get the latest info.

All grain and grass fed Wagyu cattle farm. Our Wagyu bulls and heifers are bred in a sustainable environment with love and care. This means it's healthier and better for your heart.

Red Wagyus are highly prized for abundant marbling and easy fleshing on grass. Their phenotype is closer to western cattle Twin Falls Sandwich Company. They can marble just as well Red Bull Cattle Company black Wagyus as was demonstrated at the and Houston Livestock Show.

Red Wagyus are perfect for Red Bull Cattle Company carcass quality in a grass feeding operation. Whether on grass or in a feedlot, finishing times are similar to other breeds. With consumer preferences shifting towards higher quality beef, there is a tremendous growth potential in the Wagyu breed. We can help you get started. Photo Gallery.

Red Wagyu - Red Bull Cattle Company

With their unique genetic ability to accumulate marbling, Red Wagyu cattle produce a high percentage of prime carcasses and they can double the quality grade in a crossbreeding program. BETTER YIELD GRADES. Red Wagyu have less back fat and larger rib eye area for any given carcass weight,...…

Hueftle Cattle Company

Welcome to Hueftle Cattle Company Grandpa Gus Hueftle was a Herford breeder and his son Karl followed suit until he bought his first Red Angus bull from Sally Forbes in 1970. Karl and son Neil acquired additional cows and kept building the herd.…