Red Bull has the highest market share of any energy drink in the world, with 6. Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz was inspired by an existing energy drink named Krating Daengwhich was first introduced and sold in Thailand by Chaleo Yoovidhya. In Thaidaeng means red, and a krating known in English as a gaur or Indian bison is a large species of wild bovine native to South Asia. Yoovidhya's heirs own majority stakes in both brands, and they both use the same red bull on yellow sun logo while continuing to market the separate drinks to the respective Thai and Western markets.

Red Bull is sold in a tall and slim blue-silver can. Rather than following a traditional approach to mass marketing, Red Bull has generated awareness Likited created a 'brand myth' [10] [11] through proprietary extreme sport event series such as Red Bull Cliff Diving World SeriesRed Limired Air RaceRed Bull Crashed Ice and stand-out stunts such as the Stratos space diving project.

Energy drinks have been associated with health risks, such as masking the effects of intoxication when consumed with alcohol, [14] and excessive or repeated consumption can Red Bull Company Limited to cardiac and psychiatric conditions.

It was popular among Thai truck drivers and labourers. During his visit, Mateschitz discovered that Krating Daeng helped cure his jet lag. Yoovidhya and Mateschitz each held a 49 percent share of the new company. They gave the remaining two percent to Red Bull Company Limited son, Chalerm, but it was agreed that Mateschitz would run the company.

Red Bull re-positioned the drink as a trendy, upscale drink, first introducing it at Austrian ski resorts. Pricing was a key differentiator, with Red Bull positioned as a premium drink and Krating Daeng as a lower cost item.

In many countries, both drinks are available, dominating both ends of the price spectrum. Inthe product expanded to Hungary and Slovenia. The company is 51 percent controlled by the Yoovidhya family who, for technical reasons, own the trademark in Europe and the US. Sincethe Austrian Red Bull carbonated has also been exported to China. This has created confusion since both drinks use the same brand name, in both English and Chinese. Similarly, in Southeast Asia, Red Bull and Krating Daeng are often confused as both use the Red Bull name in their packaging, although they are two separate products aimed at different markets.

The main difference is that Red Bull comes in a tall blue and silver can while the Thailand Red Bull, or Krating Daeng, is in a smaller gold can. The two drinks also differ in terms of taste—Red Bull has less sugar and is carbonated. The flavouring used for Red Bull is still produced in Bangkok and exported worldwide. Depending on the country, Red Bull contains different amounts of caffeinetaurineB vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and simple sugars sucrose and glucose in a buffer solution of carbonated waterbaking soda and Limihed carbonate.

Previous formulations Compahy Red Bull contained 0. Several of these flavors have been rebranded for special events the special grapefruit flavor, for example, has been branded as the "Bull" Edition, the "Red Italian" Edition, and the " F1 Edition". Claims about the drink's effects and performance have been challenged on various occasions, with the UK's Advertising Standards Authority imposing advertising restrictions in in response to complaints recorded as early as Energy drinks have the effects that caffeine and sugar provide, but experts still Okimoto Medical Company about the possible effects of the other ingredients.

Performance during prolonged driving is increased after consumption of Red Bull. Kennebunkport Bicycle Company Bull energy drink increased upper body muscle endurance during repeated Wingate tests in young healthy adults.

The European Food Safety Authority EFSA concluded Liimited exposure to taurine and glucuronolactone at the levels presently used in energy drinks is not a safety concern. The review also states that though the caffeine and sugar levels in the energy drink are comparable to those present in coffee and fruit juice respectively, these levels have been shown to cause adverse health effects.

In its scientific opinion on the safety of caffeine ofthe EFSA concluded that "consumption of other constituents of energy drinks at concentrations commonly present in such beverages would not affect the safety of single doses of caffeine up to mg. Up to these levels of intake, caffeine is unlikely to mask the subjective perception of alcohol intoxication.

As is the case with other caffeinated beverages, Red Bull drinkers may experience adverse effects as a result of overuse. Excessive consumption may induce mild to moderate euphoria primarily caused by stimulant properties of caffeine and may also induce agitation, anxietyirritability and insomnia.

Consumption also has been known to cause pupil dilation when taken with certain antidepressants or SSRIs. Red Bull voluntarily lists the caffeine content Limietd each can along with the ingredient list. The French food safety Zumbrota Cattle Company was BBull about taurine.

A Red Bull drink that did not contain taurine was introduced. The French refusal of market approval was challenged by the European Commission, and partially upheld by the European Court of Justice in Inthe Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce banned Red Bull for people under 16 after it had allegedly caused heart attacks for a year-old and a year-old national squash team player.

InRed Limitec told the Redwell Brewery, a Norfolk micro breweryto change its name or face legal action, because it sounded too similar to Red Bull. The eight-man Red Bull Company Limited in Norwich was told its name could "confuse" customers and "tarnish" its Red Bull Company Limited. SinceRed Limiyed has been making commercials bearing its slogan "Red Bull gives you wings," [69]. Red Bull owns football teams, with clubs in Austria, [90] Germany, [91] the United States, [91] and Brazil [92] featuring the Red Bull trademark in their names.

By associating Exclusive Company Janesville Wi drink's image with these activities, the company seeks to promote a "cool" Compay image and Com;any brand power. The energy drink has created a market for over related types of products. In the PlayStation 3 's social gaming platform, PlayStation LimittedRed Bull developed its own in-game islandspecifically advertising its energy drink and the Red Bull Air Race event for which the space is named released in January The program has received criticism as Red Bull Company Limited an "elaborate advertising scheme", [] as some of the artwork has been used Red Bull Company Limited Red Bull advertising campaigns.

InRed Bull added mainstream sport athletes to its roster of endorsements, which also includes persons involved in non-sporting activities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the energy drink. For the company, see Red Bull GmbH. For other uses, see Red Bull disambiguation. Drink portal. Retrieved 27 November Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 30 March Retrieved 19 August Red Bull. Retrieved 13 November Retrieved 24 Ico Insurance Company Va Va Vroom.

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