Red is a powerful color, in fact an energetic one, which impacts people on both cognitive and emotional levels. If you own a brand, then you must know how important it is to affect your audience in a way that they 1 prefer your brand over others, 2 remember your brand for years to come, and 3 connect with your brand on a personal level. In general, red has a positive connotation in branding. Thus, companies from various industries have a red logo. They use this color to create powerful and memorable brand identities.

It is an inspiring color that attracts Red Logo Company and stimulates thinking. Your logo design in red will definitely stand out! This is the reason many different brands can use this color and all are unique. You can mix and match this color with other colors like blue, black, gray, or yellow. You can also use the different shades of red in one logo. Every color is in context to another color. And if the logo is on white, it is compared with the space around it.

You can either keep the color flat or add a gradient color transition from either one shade of red to another or from red to another color. These famous brands won many hearts with their logo designs. In this video, you will see the types of Red Logo Company logos in red and tips to make an iconic logo design for your brand. These are red logo inspirations to trigger your creativity.

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Since Red is a bold primary color it makes greatest impact on viewers mind building confidence and trust. I know you all eager to see which those famous brands are? Of course you can do a search on web to find them. But I have done that job for you and brought most of them in this post. Below is a list of top 20 famous logos designed in Red.…

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Red tagged logos... share this page: Random Tag Random MultiTag. Add tags to your selection: 7upgreen a accent acronym ampersand animal apollo aries arms b balloon barbwire beakorange benettongreen bird black book bootsblue bowtie brightblue broadcast brushstroke bulb c checkmark chevron chocolate circle circles clock coral cross crosshair ...…

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