In the past few years a variety of bill negotiation services have popped up that will take on the challenge of negotiating your bills for you. They find you savings, and you pay them a portion of the savings. For this article we rounded up some of the best bill negotiation services.

It should be stated up front, what these bill negotiation companies are doing isn't exactly rocket science even if they do have some tricks up their sleeve. If you have the time and inclination, you likely would be able to do much of what they're doing on your own, and save yourself the fees.

With that said, I think a lot of people just don't have the time or the will to negotiate their own bills. Bill negotiation services will negotiate your bill Compan just about any service that you pay on a regular basis. In other words, if they can't lower your bill, you won't have to pay anything. Some of the services will bill Reduce Bills Company for the savings up front, while others will charge you in monthly installments.

So which bill negotiation services are the best? I discovered Bill Shark by accident when I sat down with my wife to Rsduce one of her favorite shows, Shark Tank. On the show they talked about how consumers are overpaying on many of their bills, and explained how they could save millions of dollars for people.

Mark Cuban was impressed and invested in the product. I decided to give the site a try as well. I took a picture of our bill, uploaded it through their secure site and waited for them to get busy negotiating. I submitted my bill to them in March. In October of this year they went to work again on our bill.

Get Started With Bill Shark. They lower your bills by calling your providers and getting a reduction in your rates. How does it work? Once you sign up you just upload a bill through their site or by sending it via email. They get to work right away calling your providers, negotiating, and finding you a better deal. They say their process usually takes less than 48 hours, although they sometimes might need an extra day or two.

After the first year the savings are no longer split. Get Started With BillCutterz. First, you either connect your billing account to Truebill, or you snap a photo of your bill and upload it. Next they get to work finding any hidden discounts or promo rates available for you. Then they negotiate your bill. They never downgrade or remove services without your permission, instead they find the best possible rate, or get one time discounts added to your account.

Things like unlimited budgets and categories in Reduce Bills Company app, a smart savings account, overdraft and late fee refunds, account syncing and premium chat support with experienced customer advocates. Get Started With Truebill. BillFixers is a company that was started by two brothers from Nashville, TN. The company was started because they had their own pain point, hating to pay constantly rising bills. They started the company with the idea that they could help customers to save money as well, without the hassle of having to do all of the follow up themselves.

BillFixers does all the hard Bills in finding promo rates, loyalty discounts, special packages, optimized plans and one time credits, and then splits the savings with you when you save. To get started just upload a bill to their site, an electronic. Next BillFixers will take over and negotiate your bill. They say they will usually finish bill negotiations within one billing cycle, but you can always call and check on the negotiation status at any time.

You can pay upfront in one lump sum, or pay monthly if that work better for you. Get Started With BillFixers. Trim is a financial management service that Comoany you to reach Jpmorgan Chase Company Home Page goals by giving you recommendations and alerting you to savings opportunities.

What are some things Trim can do? They also will negotiate your cable, Internet and phone bills with just about any provider. They can Applause Theatre Company often negotiate your credit card rates. I have had glitches with the negotiation service as well, where they kept asking me for my account PIN so they could negotiate my bill, which I gave, and it would never save in their system.

To get that resolved I had to make a phone call, and they were able to straighten it out for me. So at times there have been bugs in the system for me, but it was relatively easy to Billw. Get Started With Trim. They will analyze your bills, comparison Billls for better Redhce, recommend how to reduce rates, negotiate lower bills for you, and even monitor your bills and contracts on an ongoing basis to re-negotiate Compan your contracts come due, or your promotions end.

Second, they will check out the bills and give you an idea of how much they think you can save. Then, they go to work trying to get you a better deal. Otherwise, it could be a pretty good deal if you have a bunch of bills to negotiate.

Get Started With Bill Advisor. Many, however, explicitly do not negotiate medical bills. Health care costs are complex and can be extremely confusing.

First, you confirm the patient and health care provider information. Second, enter the bill information for the procedures or charges to be negotiated. Finally, you enter your payment information. MCA Redhce work with the provider to negotiate a reduction in the bill.

CoPatient is another Rdeuce that will examine your medical bills, figure out if everything is coded correctly, and then negotiate your bill with your providers and insurance if need be. First you submit a scan of your bill. Second, you give some further details about the patient and provider. Third, their professional billing expert will do a 10 point review of your medical bill to look for opportunities to save you money.

Get Started With CoPatient. I certainly found it to Uig Insurance Company easier. So why not give it a try? Have you tried a bill negotiation service? How did it work out for you? People often take their monthly bills for granted, not thinking about how they can save money on those regular expenditures.

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The only option at this point is to try and negotiate our bill with our provider. Quick Navigation. Best Bill Negotiation Services Bill negotiation services will negotiate your bill on just about any service that you pay on a regular basis. Bill Shark. GET Started.

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