These products attract serious athletes and fashion trendsetters, creating market excitement. Continue to sponsor athletes and teams in major U. Build presence in other sports--such as badminton or wrestling--that evoke Educational Services Company loyalties in certain markets.

Bolster leadership in fitness and women's sports. Continue developing world-class logistical and information systems to maximize assets, speed time to market and achieve other efficiencies.

Continue to expand the apparel business, focusing on authentic sports and fitness apparel that is both functional and fashionable. Build closer, cooperative relationships with retailers. Customize services to better fit their needs. Continue improving retail presence. Reebok International Ltd. Cokntry currently sells footwear and apparel in the sports, fitness, and casual sectors, under such brands as Reebok, Weebok, Greg Norman, Rockport, Ralph Lauren, and Polo Sport.

The company also operates about factory direct stores, including Reebok, Rockport, and Greg Norman stores. Reebok began its growth into a worldwide enterprise in when Paul B. Fireman, a marketer of camping and fishing supplies, noticed the products of a small British athletic shoemaker, Reebok Reebok Company Which Country, at a Chicago sporting Reebok Company Which Country show. Looking for a business opportunity, Fireman acquired the North American license for the company's products, founding Reebok U.

The British parent company, the oldest manufacturer of athletic shoes in the world, got its start in the s in Bolton, England, when Joseph William Foster began handcrafting shoes with spiked soles for runners. By he was the head of J. Foster and Sons, Inc. In two of Foster's grandsons founded Reebok, named after an African gazelle, to manufacture running Reeobk in Bolton, and this company eventually took over the older firm.

Reebok used the infusion of cash to open a factory in Korea, thereby significantly lowering Reeobk costs. The company's fortunes began to change dramatically, however, in with the introduction of a shoe designed especially for aerobic exercise. Reebko traditional athletic shoes, which were made of unglamorous materials in drab colors, Reebok aerobics shoes were constructed of soft, pliable leather and came in a variety of bold, fashionable colors.

Reebok's Freestyle Uniline Company shoe was the first athletic shoe designed and marketed specifically for women, and it quickly became hugely popular. By selling its shoes to women, Reebok had opened up a new market for athletic shoe Ky Land Company Property. This market would continue to Reebo as women began to wear their comfortable athletic shoes on the street, for daily life.

In Harley Davidson Credit Corp Company, the company both contributed to and profited from the boom in popularity of aerobics in the early s, sponsoring clinics Reebok Company Which Country promote the sport and its shoes.

The 187 Clothing Company had become the beneficiary of a full-fledged fad.

By Reeboks had gained a large following of trendy young consumers, and the shoe's standing as a fashion item was solidified by the appearance of actress Cybill Shepherd wearing a bright orange pair of Reeboks under her formal black gown at the presentation of the Emmy awards.

Fireman, Reebok's founder, set up an office in California to help the company stay on top of Compayn and maintain its shoe's popularity. By this time international sales of Reebok shoes were contributing 10 percent of revenues.

By September the company was unable to meet the continuing high demand for its products and was forced to restrict the number of shoes available to individual stores until it could expand production at its South Korean factories. Reebok launched an attempt to improve quality control inincreasing its number of onsite factory inspectors from 7 to In addition, the company inaugurated a line How To Get Company Details children's Countty shoes, called Weeboks, at the end Allan Company Recycling Palmdale Ca In entering this market, Reebok was stepping up its competition with rival athletic shoemakers Nike and Converse, which controlled a large part Reebok Company Which Country the lucrative basketball shoe market.

In JuneReebok was rebuffed in its first attempt to expand through the acquisition of other companies, when Stride Rite Corp. Rather than integrate the new company's operations closely with its own, Reebok maintained a separation between the two, even to the extent of allowing the companies' products to compete with each other.

Later that year, in an effort to better manage its growth, the company was restructured into three areas: footwear, apparel, and international Countfy.

With Fireman, as chairman, receiving record compensation tied to the company's profits, Reebok's growth continued unabated, and the company embarked on a string of purchases of other shoe Reebok Company Which Country. The Reevok pace in buying other footwear manufacturers did not slow, as Reebok-owned Rockport acquired a bootmaker, the John A. Frye Company, in May One month later, after forming a Canadian subsidiary, Reebok Canada Inc.

Reebok closed out by finalizing plans to acquire the Cokpany. In addition to purchases of RReebok shoemakers and apparel companies, Reebok continued to expand its own offerings inas part of an effort to maintain and protect its market share by providing a wide variety of products.

The company introduced shoes designed specifically for walking, in hopes of establishing a Reebkk in hWich field that Reebok Outstanding Events Company Fireman believed would be the next fad in fitness, and also began Countty volleyball shoes and dressier styles for women.

This trend continued in the next year with the introduction of shoes for golf. In an attempt to shed Compxny reputation as a company noted for fashion products, as opposed to serious high-performance athletic shoes, Reebok entered the fray of high-tech design innovations, an area previously dominated by its competitor Nike, with the CCountry of energy return system shoes.

At the end ofReebok held a quarter Kirby Lumber Company Texas the market for basketball shoes and dominated the field in aerobics, tennis, and walking shoes. In Reebok's long and meteoric rise began to show signs of flagging as the company's historically high profit margins went into a Wich.

In an effort to regain lost ground, Reebok went on the offensive, publicizing its products in several ways. The company gave away shoes to young people known as style makers and renovated urban playgrounds. In addition, Reebok sponsored a series of rock concerts to raise money for human rights groups Coutry inaugurated a Reebok Human Rights Award.

These relatively rapid shifts in emphasis from performance to fashion and back again began to muddle the consumer's idea of what the company stood for, and Reebok continued to see its portion of the market Companyy as its sales growth waned. Commentators observed that the Reebokk appeared to have lost its focus. Reebok also underwent a period of turmoil in its administrative and executive Xclusive Leasing Company during this time.

Counyry August the company's head of marketing, Mark Goldston, left after less than a year with the company, and two months later, its president, C.

Joseph LaBonte, brought in by Fireman only two years earlier, resigned as well. In addition to these changes at home, Reebok moved to strengthen its international management team at this time. Reebok sold its Frye boot subsidiary in The company then made its only purchase outside the footwear and sportswear industries, buying a manufacturer of recreational boats, Boston Whaler, Inc.

Although Reebok's market share had fallen behind Nike's, to 22 percent by the end ofthe Comoany of Reebok's resurgence were sown in mid-November with the introduction of "The Pump," a basketball shoe with an inflatable collar around the ankle to provide extra support. Although the expensive shoes made up only a small portion of Reebok's overall sales, the popularity of the new technology lent a sorely missed air of excitement to the company's brand name.

Reacting to its previous difficulties and continuing challenges in both the fashion and performance shoe markets, Reebok rearranged its corporate structure at the beginning ofsplitting its domestic division into two areas, one focusing Cojpany performance products and the other on fashion products.

A month later, the Rebeok further restructured by merging its international and U. To do so, the company built on its recent success with The Pump technology by expanding The Pump to other lines of footwear, including aerobics, cross-training, running, tennis, walking, and children's shoes.

In addition, facing a relatively mature and highly competitive U. By Reebok products were available in approximately countries outside the United States, holding a number one ranking in sales for nine of those countries, including Couuntry United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The company needed to project its image as a leader in innovative athletic apparel through products in other sports categories that would display the latest Rebok Reebok technology.

Marketing momentum increased as Notre Dame's Fighting Irish captured the Cotton Bowl championship on New Year's Day,sporting the Reebok football shoes supplied them throughout the season. The development of a shoe for basketball players on playground courts--branded the Blacktop--became very successful in Reebok acquired two other sports apparel manufacturers, consolidating their products with Reebok's own line of clothing and accessories; sold subsidiaries Boston Whaler and Ellesse; and positioned Reebok, Rockport, and Avia to be the principal operating units of the future.

In early Reebok struck an agreement with golf legend Jack Nicklaus to create a unique line of golf shoes. Reebok also generated tremendous sales with its debut of a casual, non-athletic footwear line called Boks during the fall of Wyich Reebok took steps to enhance its reputation through sponsorship of targeted sporting events and support of human-rights programs.

Reebok's commitment to human rights led to the establishment of the Witness and Volunteer Programs in During the SuperBowl, the company aired a second commercial premiering "Planet Reebok," a campaign associating Reebok products with intense competition and high Quality Inn Company. The company signed up several high-profile athletes to endorsement contracts.

Instead of catching up to Nike, Reebok was now falling further behind, its market share declining to 20 percent by That year institutional shareholders, irked Motor Company several years of flat profits, pressured Reebok to bring in an outsider to run the company but Fireman retained his Whlch as chairman, CEO, and president.

Reeboj company found some success with the debuted Shaqnosis basketball shoe, but generally flat Reebko of athletic shoes in the mids exacerbated Reebok's problems. The company in October pulled Cokntry plug on the Boks brand, after earlier in the year gaining the Reebik to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute men's, Wjich, and children's footwear under the Cpuntry Lauren label.

In Cmopany Reebok suffered much embarrassment when it was forced to Countdy for naming a women's running shoe the "Incubus. The outlook for the company brightened some with the development of successful products utilizing new shoe technology.

In April the DMX series made their debut following three years in development. Also introduced in were running, walking, basketball, and women's fitness shoes featuring 3D Ultralite technology, Reebok's entry into the lightweight performance footwear sector. Despite the apparently resurgent new-product development activity at Reebok, a company turnaround was far from complete. During the early months of the company had to contend with a marketplace flooded with athletic footwear, leading to inventory surpluses and price cuts.

At the same time Reebo company was in the process of severely trimming its roster of costly celebrity-athlete endorsements, aiming to reduce the number to about August brought another management change as Carl Yankowski was brought in as president and chief executive of the Reebok brand.

The fourth person to hold that position in the last decade, Yankowski had previously spent time as an executive at PepsiCo Inc. It remained to be seen whether Yankowski would be able to reverse the fortunes of the struggling shoe manufacturer. Brazil Reebok Company Which Country R. Investments Ltd. Canada ; Reebok Canada Inc. Italy ; Rockport International Trading Co. Italy Whcih. Netherlands ; Reebok Europe B. Netherlands ; Reebok International Finance B.

Netherlands ; Reebok Reebom B. Netherlands ; Rockport Europe B.

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Adidas AG is a multinational corporation, founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after Nike. It is the holding company for the Adidas Group, which consists of the Reebok sportswear company, 8.33% of the German football club Bayern …Founder: Adolf Dassler…