Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload Sprinklet resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Sort by. Helpfulness Reliable Sprinkler Company Date. English Any. The actual Job was fine and Sorinkler with decent pay, management wasn't adequate. Family own organization that has all family at the top so no real advancing. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. Productive workplace with opportunities to Reliable Sprinkler Company skill and advance in the workplace.

Once you are trained and learn the policies and procedures, a typical work day is simple and easy if you show up with a Cimpany attitude and are consistent with your work ethic and production output. People are constantly blaming others for problems.

Stay away from this place Reliable Sprinkler Company. Yes 6 No. Poor management!! Lack of communication and too many micro managers and VERY unorganized atmosphere The list goes on and on with this place.

Great co-workers. Higher ups have zero care for employees. The best Compxny about reliable is the people you work with. Our department was behind because of poor structure and management thus leaving us to work am to 4pm with some Saturdays for MONTHS.

Clmpany was told to 3 was to be my hours when I signed on. It was abundantly clear the lack of sympathy for completely overworked and underpaid employees. With the constant promise of "things changing soon" If you can avoid this place you should. Pay is okay at a starting wage of Yes 9 No. Share your experience. Let job seekers know what it's like to work at your company. A decent place to Reliale. No vision insurance.

Yes 5 No 3. Poor Management with very little concern for employees safety,and well being. Cimpany top management of this company has no respect for the work people do here.

Yes 4 No. Wonderful place to work ,Great management, no complaints at Reliable Sprinkler Company. I had to relocate, if not I would still be there today. I hope to find a similar job. Yes 1 No 8. Limited information was passed down from the trainers. Trainees should have to read the process manual which was never even shown by the trainer.

Management needs to give overhaul on all training procedures. It should be communicated where to get start up parts at, clean up, etc. Also the low paying wages for the output of work need some major changes. This place Reliabld different lower level management, if the president and Vice President would talk to workers on 2nd shift they would see what needs to change. I am so disappointed in Reliablee.

All jobs need to be timed again, too much of a bottleneck in many areas. Need to set a goal per shift instead Sprlnkler women competing for higher numbers on different lines.

Maybe all trainers should have to take classes on how to train. This is one reason that turnover is so high. Great breaks, decent vacation time, family oriented workplace. Training, biometric insurance, missing paperwork lineside, old equipment that breaks frequently. Yes 19 No. Management as well as lower level employees can easily be sucked into office politics. Management doesn't even do formal or semi-regular reviews but feels they can approach you out of nowhere and blast you for things you didn't do without reason.

HR is spineless and will not help you in the event you have a problem with your manager and or team. They turn the other shoulder while teams management sandbag and lay blame to workers.

Technology and practices are highly outdated and management refuses to migrate to newer and better methods.

They wonder why they have high turnover? Treat your employees Reilable a shred of decency and ask how they are doing and don't turn people away when they try to communicate.

Or pitch new ideas. I strongly advise anyone who likes to have structure in their work life, regular communication and a promising future against working here. Yes 11 No. Basically this place is one big game. If you play the game and win, you'll be fine. Vacuum Bag Company let me tell you it's a hard game Companj win. Pay for highly skilled labor is low, raises were pennies if you worked hard You'll hear "big changes are coming" which creates hostility between workers because everybody starts trying to outdo one another trying to get some promotion that doesn't exist.

If you get on an off shift, don't count on ever getting off of pSrinkler. They will skip seniority and let somebody else go to first. And if you want to go to the first shift you'll need alot of lube. People on 2nd shift were just downright hateful, and communication is also non existent. Yes 23 No. If you are not afraid of work and want great pay as a production MIG welder, this the place to work.

Fabrication manager is a fair, honest man concerned about the safety of his men Reliablw is one that can work at any job on the production floor and has a lot of experience with the product.

Much of the safety equipment is provided plus other tools. Many workers have been here for several years and are Sprknkler good guys. I learned a lot about pipe and outlet welding which is different from Reliable Sprinkler Company other welding I have done in the past.

Hardest thing for me to learn was welding Spprinkler to schedule 7 pipe. To succeed at this company come to work on time every day, have a good attitude, show respect to those you work with, and do your job.

Miller welders, good pay, safe work environment. Great benifits and time off policy. It can get chilly Rleiable the facility at night during the winter from time to time. Yes 4 No 5. They expect you to come in off the street already Zuari Cement Ltd Company Profile how to do the job. They ask technicians to have a degree and pay them like high school drop outs!!

Short breaks, poor management, minimum wage pay, I could go on and on. Yes 18 No. This was a regular monday through friday job. A Reliabls warehouse picker Relialbe that required you to pick orders, shipping and receiving freight and stowing Relialbe in their designated places.

The Management team were awesome and friendly as well. Yes 3 No 9. They are very unorganized. You Companh in not knowing Sprinkller you are going to be doing for the day. Some supervisors are rude and hypocrites. Workers there are lazy and complains non stop.