Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. I had to teach myself to slow down my counts to quit rushing. My hardest time was using and getting to know my calculator trying to memorize all the f. With Reliant, it was very often we had to travel all over, at times long hours todifferent states to do our inventory status for a company.

Good environment to work, got travel pay, sometimes we had to go do overnights, Reliant paid for all our rooms and have each of us money to eat on.

Good managers, good company, travel pay, overnight hotel stay paid in full. Minimum wage, long hours traveled, doing the inventory counts by yourself inside of IGA freezers. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. I had a chance to work with some great people and the management staff was great. Per Diem. Working for Reliant was the best career choice for me.

I was given the tools Reliant Inventory Company to be a great operations manager, I maintained a great customer relationship. A lot of Travel. Louis, MO - July 29, Would you rate your company five stars? Rate your employer to help people make better career decisions.

Way too much headaches for little reward. Good job if you don't mind waking up 3am to be at the Reliant Inventory Company by am to leave 5am for a hour inventory. Had to count as fast as possible as accurately as possible; which was to be expected but inventory lasted as long as the slowest clerk. So if you were stuck with 2 or 3 new teammates you'd count half the aisle yourself while the newcomers counted maybe rows of shelves.

Was not paid for the van rides within 1 hour from the office, which apparently was 'LEGAL' according to company policy. Long van rides, incompent managers. Easy to meet long life friends as well as build working characteristic traits. I definitely learned a lot. We want to help you find great companies.

Help us be the best! Although I loved my job at Reliant, there were a lot of underlying issues within the Reliant Inventory Company and the management. There is not a lot of good things that I can say about this company although there is not a lot of bad things that I can say about this company.

So basically to sum this review up I'll just say that I enjoyed the people that I worked with. Yes 1 No 3. It was An enjoyable Company to work for The Other employers were just as enjoyable to work with.

The Littlefield Construction Company reliant Gas Company Pensacola Fl services was an enjoyable service to work for it had its chanllenges like all companies but i did enjoy my time working there.

Paid Travel. Poor managment. I learned to type the number pad fast so yeah. Management does what they can to keep the store happy even at the expense of you. Store managers micro-manage and expect you to do things that are impossible when they don't have their store ready for us.

My co-workers are lazy. Hardest part of the job is knowing me and 3 Reliant Inventory Company people are working hard and they won't give us a raise.

The company will not take your concerns or complaints in to consideration. The worst part is being ignored and the lack of communication. Also, the equipment is not up to date. Lack of communication, No raises, hard on the body. Yes 4 No. A typical work day starts very early but ,luckily, ends fairly early as well. There is quite a bit of physical demand. Management is usually pretty pleasant but there isn't really a lot of room for upward mobility although your pay is based on how well you do.

One of the hardest parts of the job is learning to maintain your keystrokes to improve your productivity but once you get it down its actually the easiest part. Also the physical part of the job is sometimes very taxing and it is sometimes very difficult to efficiently count the merchandise depending on the upkeep and set up of the stores.

Store customers often ask for assistance despite the Reliant Inventory Company that usually our uniforms look nothing like that of the store employees. That's sometimes pretty frustrating because they aren't always very pleasant about it. A lot of my co-workers are actually nice people although they didn't seem that way at first. Basically everyone is there to do a job so they can go on with the rest of their day. Personally I wouldn't make a career of this 24 Karat Company if nothing else this job can be a learning experience and makes for some extra spending money.

Yes 8 No Company Pitch Examples. A good company to work for. Communication is getting better, just wish it was a better balance between work and life. Having a set schedule would be nice. Yes 4 No 3.

Yes 7 No. Nice job if working with good coworkers. Inventory Specialist Current Employee - St. Louis, MO - November 27, It's a hard job but it's not complicated. I love it because all the work is evening to night. Goes to early morning in extreme cases. I also love the fact that I didn't watch my watch. When you have a job that ends at a specific time, you watch Reliant Inventory Company clock. When it gets close to quitting time, time drags on forever.

With a job like this, you're done when the work is done. There isn't really any customer service involved. You work around and with the employees of the store you're auditing so it's a relaxed environment. There's room to have fun as long as you can work at the same time. You meet a lot of interesting people.

I like country music now because that's all certain stores played on the PA. The only drawback with this particular company is transportation. If overnight stay is involved, getting a descent hotel is not very likely. A television with video outputs is winning the lottery.

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Questions about Reliant Inventory Services. How often do raises occur at Reliant Inventory Services? How would you describe the pace of work at Reliant Inventory Services? What questions did they ask during your interview at Reliant Inventory Services? What is Reliant Inventory Services sick leave policy?

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Reviews from Reliant Inventory employees about Reliant Inventory culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. ... Reliant Inventory Employee Reviews. Review this company. ... The company Is a good company except it has and shows it favorite towards the older employess that has been working there for a give ...3.2/5(22)…