Glassdoor is a review site where employees and former employees anonymously review companies. The network Pscl Company strong when searching for a company name and can be used not only by job seekers and hiring managers but also by potential customers and investors.

Indeed, Glassdoor can be a powerful source for organizations to narrow down the right vendor to work with. Low Glassdoor rating and negative reviews can be a signal that the organization is Remove Company From Glassdoor with internal issues that can affect the service delivery, product, and customer service.

I can tell, in my experience, I work with a lot of SaaS companies and have been frustrated with some due to constantly changing management, uncertainty who takes the ownership of my account, and lack of accountability.

Therefore, before signing up for a new product or service I take employees Glassdoor reviews as serious as customers reviews on sites like Capterra or G2Crowd. Over the years I build several strategies to keep my profiles clean, professional, and reputable. Getting a bad review always hurts but often deserved. Running the organization or a department is a big challenge and mismanagement or office injustices can occur. Take a deep breath, carefully read the review, understand what went wrong, and address the issue to improve.

Thankfully, unlike other networks, Glassdoor takes all the reviews seriously. In the past, I challenged negative reviews and was able to take them down. Normally Glassdoors responds in a day or two providing a detailed explanation if they can grant or deny my request. Reviews are the top content source for Glassdoor.

Unfortunately, some negative reviews that are written in violation of Community Guidelines can slip through the moderation and be approved by the network. Second Step: Click the red flag icon below the review and check the box that indicates the violation. Carefully explain the issue and why the review should be taken down.

You might succeed appealing, but the moment the review is down the person who wrote it will get a notification. Or, the situation will normalize for a current employee. When it comes to the user-contributed content, Glassdoor treats all the users and companies free and paid profiles the same.

As mentioned Gorgeous Company, some reviews might slip through moderation and still appear on Glassdoor even if they violate the rules. Read carefully and find all the triggers to yank them down.

Glassdoor partially took my side and removed one review, the rating went back up to 3. Eventually, the company gained 4 stars. Glassdoor allows reviews that name individuals but only those who are in higher management, executive positions. Especially if your employees can be identified and it can hurt their future career.

Glassdoor may allow reviews Al Noor Contracting Company mention race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and the like if we believe the comment is used to describe a workplace situation. R eal examples. Both reviews can be challenged because there is no proof that the person was discriminated in example 2.

In Remove Company From Glassdoor first example, the reviewer stereotypes the entire group. Glassdoor does not accept reviews that reveal confidential, non-public internal company information. This type of information can be classified as confidential that reflects on the employees, customers and investors.

While Glassdoor allows criticizing the upper management, this one Remove Company From Glassdoor over the top. For example, someone calls a boss a psychopath or psycho. Challenge the review and explain that those types of accusations should Remove Company From Glassdoor to the Better Business Bureau.

And if true, it should be reported to the authorities, not Glassdoor. Not all the reviews are being taken down even when you have a strong case. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. On: June 20, With: 0 Comments. Related Posts:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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