Rent the Runway has been working to democratize fashion since She added: "That entrepreneurial spirit, the warmth, the friendships, are all there. We wanted the office Tbe reflect that energetic entrepreneurial spirit. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. Reny often indicates a user profile. Clmpany Subscribe. My Account. World globe Cmpany icon of the world globe, indicating different international Rnet.

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Sarah Jacobs. Ruway offices house around employees, Runsay Rent the Runway employs about 1, people in total, including in their stores and warehouses. In the front lobby are two large closets that have rotating wardrobes hanging inside them.

New brands, new arrivals — they're continuously changing to evidence this statement: 'I have everything to wear. On the left wall is what Hyman calls her favorite thing in the office: photos of customers, employees both past and present, and other female entrepreneurs that have used Rent Companj Runway's services. That's what has inspired us to keep growing and keep building this company — it's these women, and how renting the runway makes them feel," she said.

The company's core values, which were written inare still very much a part of their identity. We've prioritized hiring Rent The Runway Company Culture culture above hiring for skills.

We find that you can always teach people skills — especially smart, curious people who want to learn," Hyman said. Each conference room has a different look and feel. Sometimes you just need a quiet space for you and your laptop to think.

Every single room has its own purpose," Hyman said. This is the perfect setting because everyone's in a circle, you're all on equal footing, it doesn't feel like it's formal — you can relax," Hyman said. This small meeting room has two hanging seats to relax in. Every piece of merchandise that's on the site Commpany photographed in-house.

Merchandise is prepped and shot in the in-house photo studio. Everything from dresses to hand bags to jewelry are kept there. All-hands meetings are held in this communal space. The bleachers allow for the entire office to sit comfortably. Desks are in an open-floor seating arrangement, and employees switch desk locations about every six months.

This allows Cluture to meet new colleagues and produce fresh ideas, according to Hyman. Inside Hyman's office is a small closet and mirror for wardrobe changes, as well as a piece Clture art that's made of fabric from retired Rent the Runway dresses. There's also a proper fitting room that's available for the entire office to use.

It's located just down the hall. A designated meditation room provides employees with a space Ybor City Barbering Company Tampa Fl collect their thoughts. Fashion Office Tour.

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We want Rent the Runway to be an example of what a modern workplace should be – one that is more human, focused on its people and their well-being. This means recognizing and supporting the many facets and phases of employees’ lives and fostering a culture that allows them to thrive both personally and professionally.…