A violet ray is an antique medical appliance used during the early 20th century to discharge in electrotherapy. Their basic construction was John Boos And Company Effingham Illinois prior to by Nikola Teslawho introduced his first prototypes at the World's Columbian Exposition 3girls Theatre Company Companies who manufactured violet ray devices made many other types of electrical appliances as well, e.

Star Electric, which also manufactured stock ticker machines. Many of the companies who were able to continue manufacturing violet rays after the Depression stopped making them due to World War IIwhen they began manufacturing radio coils and other electrical components for the war instead.

Glass, evacuated tubes of varying shapes and Renulief different therapeutic uses could be inserted into the bakelite handle to apply the resulting current to different parts of the body.

Violet ray treatments were said to cure Renulife Electric Company from lower back pain to carbuncles. From an antique Master Violet Ray manual c. Brain Fog - Use Applicator No.

I over forehead and eyes. Treat the spine and hold the electrode in the hand. Rnulife inhalations for about four minutes are also of importance. Catarrh, Nasal - In this condition the Nasal Tube is used within Renulife Electric Company nose with a mild current within the nasal passage, two Electfic five minutes on Renulife Electric Company side, followed by an application with the Surface Electrode externally over Commpany area of the nose. Use Ozone Generator. Renulife Electric Company the s Renulifd s, makers of violet ray devices were subjected to numerous lawsuits and multiple actions by the US government including recalls, seizures, forfeitures, and orders to have them Renullife.

The last manufacturer of violet ray electrotherapy devices in the US was Master Electric. The company was subjected to a lawsuit in Marion, Indiana, and the devices were seized by the FDA.

Jon Burge of the Chicago Police Departmentwho was dismissed in following allegations of torture of suspects by Burge and detectives working under him in the s and s, may have used a violet ray. The violet ray was suggested independently by two museum curators after they were given Electrjc descriptions of one of the several electrical devices used by Burge.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Purple Ray. Misbranding of Violetta kits. Sample No. Misbranding of violet ray device. Released Rneulife bond to the F. Surrendered to the FDA. Violet ray generator device. Seizure by the FDA. Misbranding of Master violet ray outfit. Sample Nos. August H. Misbranding of ultraviolet ray devices. Misbranding of Master violet ray devices. Master Appliances, Inc.

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RENULIFE ELECTRIC COMPANY Rivard at Warren DETROIT, MICHIGAN . Renulife Treatments Remove the Cause of Disorders Due to the primary action of Renulife (violet ray) Health Generators increasing circulation, charging the blood with health-giving oxygen and nutrition – not only the symptoms of the disease in the forms of aches and pains are ...…

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Who says you can't find anything at a garage sale. This is a Renulife Violet Ray medical device made by Renulife of Detroit Michigan. It is in excellent condition (almost new) and has all the original instructions, accessory parts list and original warranty with serial number and date stamp, dated 1920!…

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They were designed to spark when touched and came in different shapes to treat different parts of the body for the therapy of almost any condition. (left to right) Energex by Sears, Roebuck, and Co., Renulife, model R, Renulife Electric Co., Detroit, Michigan, LifeLite, model A, Ultra-Violet Home Products, Inc., Los Angeles, California…