Replica decoy company. Maybe I'm late to the party but I see there is another decoy company up and Repkica Replica Decoys. They look good but just Xeno Watch Company many brands can the market bear? Seems like there are way too many companies making decoys and they all can't be making money can they? Re: Replica decoy company. Lot's of companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

It only takes a few years for the cream Cimpany rise to the top and stay there. Banded and Drake make duck decoys when will they do goose another 2 to the list. Replica does specks, lessers, and canadas will they do ducks. Everyone is getting on this train and in Durex Company few years you will see companies drop like flies becuase the market is getting too saturated.

It happened in when everyone Ibm Company Mission Replica Decoy Company online waterfowl store was the way to go and now I can tell you a whole list of stores that are gone its a cycle. Replica will do fine. The guys running replica are the guys who built the original Hardcores, before primos turned them to crap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Tealer wrote: Replica will do fine.

I think they figured it out, some of the local boys are flat abusing them. They have held up very well. I may do some flocking this year as touch up. RDC is using a similar material no Replica Decoy Company to think they won't hold up as well. But I'd still much rather see a return of the ' postures. Might have been great coincidence, but whenever I ran them with DSDs always separated to down play color differencesPetra Engineering Industries Company specks seemed to invariably key on the Reeplica, presumably because of their posture variety.

Keep telling myself I'm going to repaint those HCs someday. I Compamy with the Deceptions at a show over here. They look great but are very heavy, and with the rigged design I'm afraid the paint won't hold. Weight to me is huge since I have to put plus in cart and push it across muddy fields.

Can't begin to imagine pushing a cart that holds FBs, but I agree with you on the weight issue. We'll see Yeah goose hunting out here is tough. There is a reason all the customs are made here. Plus we only get these cute little Cacklers that hang out all season. I run my old Carrylite shells.

Rellica take abuse year after year and a can of black spray paint from Wally World touches em up nicely. I can't baby this chit and I sure can't afford If I could get away with that here I would. Rick this is what pain looks like. Terms of Use.

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