Continued to: Revlon Starting inas a small nail polish business, Revlon would go on to become one of the largest cosmetics companies in the United States with a complete range of cosmetics.

Whatever else he was—nasty, crude, lonely, virile, brilliant, inarticulate, insecure, generous, honest, ruthless, complicated—Charles Revson Cmopany a man of single-minded persistence and drive, entirely dedicated to his business. And a perfectionist. One could go on and on with adjectives describing Revson. All would fit at one time or another. He was such a strange Where Is Sheboygan Sausage Company Located of persons and personalities that no generalization would have properly profiled.

They note that he was born in Somerville, Massachusetts inthe son of Jeanette Weiss and Samuel Morris Revson, but grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire as the middle child between two brothers, the older Joseph and the younger Martin. After graduating from Manchester Central High School in he went to work in the Revlon Cosmetic Company district of New York as a salesman for Comany Pickwick Dress Company where he worked his way up to becoming a piece-goods buyer. Inhe ran away to Chicago with Ida Thompson to get married but soon returned to New York, got divorced and moved back in with his parents.

In orhe started selling nail polish for the Elka Company in Newark, New Jersey but, after working at Elka for a Revlon Cosmetic Company time, resigned and established what would become Revlon in March,with his older brother, Joseph Revson, and a business acquaintance, Charles Lachman.

The new company was going to be named Revlac — an amalgamation of Revson and Lachman — but it did not sound right Tobias,p. The company incorporated the following year as the Revlon Nail Enamel Corporation with Charles Revson as president, Joseph Revson its treasurer and general manager, and Charles Lachman its vice-president and technical adviser.

The youngest Revson brother, Martin Revson, would join the firm in and become its marketing manager. Above: Charles Revson presidentCharles Lachman vice-president [], Martin Revson vice-president and Joseph Revson treasurer and general manager. It is sometimes said that Charles Revson took a big risk leaving Reevlon paid job at Elka to start out on his own in the middle of the Great Depression Gulf Construction Company Karachi the risk may not have been as large as it first appears.

The Compny risk Revson faced in his new venture was a guaranteed supply of nail polish. Also, nail polishes do not appear to have suffered the slump in sales experienced by other cosmetics during the s.

In a piece of self-promotion, the J. Walter Thompson Company — the advertising agent for Cutex — noted that manicure sales had actually risen between and Revlon not only survived, it prospered. This is not to say that the early years were easy and Joseph Revson can take much of the credit for guiding the early company financially through this time. It was opaque. All the other nail polishes on the market were transparent. Charles saw the potential in this difference. The others were made with dyes and were limited to three shades of red—light, medium, and dark.

Although overstated there is some truth to this story. In the early s the fashion trend was to only colour the nail across the centre of the nail plate, leaving the moon and the free edge clear. When applied with skill this look went well with transparent nail polishes. Cutex was still promoting this nail Cosmetc as late aseven though it had introduced a cream polish in By contrast, opaque or cream nail polishes — containing pigments including titanium dioxide — usually painted ove the whole fingernail.

They hid flaws in the nail and were easier to apply. What is not true is that transparent polish only came in a limited range of colours — Peggy Sage, for example, had 24 shades of nail polish in that could be harmonised with clothing. However, the number of shades was not as important as the colours in the range. The exuberant s had ended with nail polish being produced in a wide variety of colours — including blues and greens as well as metallic colours like gold, silver and bronze — many of which were used to match brightly coloured clothing, particularly evening-wear.

Back incream nail enamel was received by beauty salon and consumer alike with great enthusiasm, for it gave the nails Comany covering that hid flaws as no product had ever done before. With cream nail enamel, a range of reds could be developed that would not only flatter the hands, but would also harmonize with the clothes a woman wore.

Crazy colors were soon dismissed as being unwearable and in bad taste, colors such as chrome-yellows, weird blues and greens, fantastic shades that were the first obvious ones to think of, aside from reds. Whatever else that might be said of him, he did have a good eye for colour, at least as it applied to make-up and clothing; furnishings and fixtures were another matter.

As well as colour, Revlon nail enamels may have been superior in other ways, as the story below — repeated in books about Diane Vreeland — suggests:. From time to time he would give some to friends, and when Mrs Vreeland returned to New York in the late s, she took two bottles with her.

There are other reports that Revlon had a quality product. Bailey, of the Describe The Weyerhaeuser Company Beauty Supply Company, Chicago — who admittedly became a Revlon distributer in and may therefore be a little biased — is quoted Revlon Cosmetic Company saying:.

We were carrying at the time about five brands of nail polish. Blue Bird, Chen-Yu, Glazo and a Cosmeticc of others. We threw everything else out and carried only Revlon. Revlon nail enamels therefore appear to have been as good as, if not better than its competitors.

Charles Revson was a very successful salesman. He was enthusiastic, quite good looking when younger, would endear Cksmetic to female buyers by Cosmetc with his nails Cosmmetic in the latest Revlon shades, and was apparently prepared to exchange sex for a Revlon sale or extra Revlon counter space if the opportunity arose. Sales chief Martin Revson believes there are three kinds of selling. First is Cosmetc he calls the canned talk type. Salesmen using this type usually sell nuts or bolts or cigarettes—some product for which there is a constant demand and which will sell pretty much according to the number of calls made per day.

The second type of selling, as labeled by Martin Revson, is the franchise type. Some companies have franchised one dealer Oracle Company town or one dealer per neighborhood in large towns.

The company representative calls on these dealers, looks over their stock and practically writes the order for them. Martin, as he is called at Revlon to distinguish him from his brothers, thinks that opportunities for constructive selling under the franchise system are limited.

The third and highest class of selling—the one Revlon uses—is described as the executive type of selling. Dallaire, Revlon salesmen were expected to win. If the bottle caps on some Chen-Yu nail enamels were loosened a bit and the enamel hardened … well, the store, or the customer, would know not to buy an inferior brand again. This was not an isolated case and eventually the U. However, by then it was too late. Afterdemand for Revlon products was such that that coercion Sydney Dance Company De Novo largely unnecessary.

Here is some of the sworn testimony showing Cksmetic Revlon tried to dominate the lipstick market. The Royal Supply Co. Since we handle Gold Standard Jewelry Company, they do not want us to handle competitive items.

Becker of the B-G Supply Co. Bythe company had over demonstrators employed in department stores throughout the Csometic. As well as promoting Revlon products, the demonstrators Codmetic give immediate feedback by telephone on how lines were moving Television Magazine, ; feedback that was added to field reports from regional managers, Revlon Cosmetic Company and department store representatives.

The popularity of the new permanent waves attracted a lot of customers to American beauty salons in the s and many women would have a manicure while they had their hair set. It was a lot easier for a Revlon salesman to get an order from a salon than a department store, and a salon manicure allowed customers to try and then buy a Revlon nail enamel.

Salons that tried the product and liked it would reorder and their customers would spread the word and CCompany asking for it from their local department store, so the permanent wave boom was perfectly timed to help Revlon to establish itself, a major piece of luck for the new 3m Company. Revson was very aware of the importance of salons to his business.

Although the company had begun selling to department stores afterthey had a number of products that were clearly aimed at making salon manicures a total Revlon experience. During the s, Compay developed a range of nail cosmetics including: Adheron, a base coat ; Oily Polish Remover ; Prolon for weak, brittle nails, and Lactol, a brittle nail treatment ; Cuticle Lotion; and Nail Cream along with other manicure equipment like emery boards and orange sticks.

Then, inthey added a range of hand lotions to enable manicurists better personalise their Revlon treatments. They are hand massage cream for lubrication, a hand finishing lotion, Compahy hand cream of the pink pearly type and an emulsified Cosmdtic hand lotion. These items, in addition to some new steel implements and nail enamels, are offered in a handsome chrome manicure tray. Above: Revlon manicure tray containing massage cream, hand creams, nail enamels, remover and manicure implements.

Prolongs wear. Leaves hands soft but not sticky. Another factor that helped Revlon grow was the action of its biggest competitor, Northam Warren, the owners of the Cutex, Glazo and Peggy Sage nail polish brands.

As Revlon entered the retail market, a number of forces were operating to make a new competitor and a change in status very welcome to a major part of the retail trade. Throughout the retail trade there was an eager expectation for someone vigorous, with a new idea that could be picked up, accepted and promoted as a foil Revlon Cosmetic Company this other company. Revlon stepped into this fortunate retail situation at the precise psychological moment with a new product and a new sales idea.

The result is history in this industry. The idea of matching nail enamels with lipsticks was an old one, dating from the late s. Five years later, inRevlon introduced its own lipsticks in nine shades with colours matched to Revlon nail enamels. Revlon salesgirls were supplied with charts which they could use to advise customers on which shade went with which. As it was no longer just in nails, Revlon changed its name to the Revlon Products Corporation and followed up the introduction of lipstick with Cheeksticka cream rouge in stick form — that came with a small packet of tissues to help spread the rouge without staining the fingers — before adding a lipstick brush in Also see the booklet: Fashions in Hands Copying what Cutex did by matching lipstick with nail polish would not be the last time Revson capitalised on an idea developed by others.

Charles Revson was not a creative product genius and a lot of what Revlon produced was copied from competing cosmetic companies. When others came up with a good product Revson would have it analysed, improve the formulation where possible and conduct an extensive advertising campaign to help sell it.

As Mike Sager, a Revlon salesman noted:. And when they hit with something good, you make it better, package it better, advertise it better, and bury them. He [Revson] gave many hours of his time each week to the laboratory. He filled his laboratory with every conceivable electronic device capable of producing and measuring products. InRevlon established the Cosmettic Export Corporation and began distributing its products in other countries.

Further expansion would oCmpany to wait until after the war.

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Starting in 1932, as a small nail polish business, Revlon would go on to become one of the largest cosmetics companies in the United States with a complete range of cosmetics. Much of the credit for its success has been attributed to one of the company’s founders, Charles Revson.…

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