Last year, Dupont Circle-based Revolution made 97 new and follow-up investments, saw four exits from portfolio companies and raised two new funds. Rwvolution investment firm shared a highlights from its work Revolution Company in its end-of-year website. Revolution was founded in by Revolutiln entrepreneur and tech executive Steve Case.

Revolution also manages another major fund called Revolution Growthwhich specifically invests in companies going through a growth period. Revolution Growth is a smaller fund that only makes two to three investments per year in new companies. Fairfax, Virginia-based Custom Inkan online retail company Compnay custom apparel, is Revolution Company of the four Revolution-backed companies that exited this year: Back in Aprilthe company announced that Great Hill Partners would take over as its lead investor.

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Adam Minto, founder, says: “Five years ago Revolution was created out of a vision for a better beauty company, a ‘new normal’. A business that values its consumers and creates incredible products directly from their feedback.…