While the Rex Buggy Co. It comes as no surprise as executives of the firm were also officers and directors of the Central Manufacturing Co. McFarlan's industrial park was built on 82 acres of farmland irreverently referred to as 'John McFarlan's Corn Patch' Manufactturing the locals. He intended to attract manufacturers and suppliers of carriage and buggy Rex Manufacturing Company to the park and thereby lower his own costs while providing a steady market for other manufacturers.

McFarlan's was the first carriage-related firm erected, a massive by 60 foot four-story structure fronted on Mount Street opposite Columbia. The main building was connected to wings that were situated at right angles to the ends of the main structure and parallel to each other, the first 60 x feet, the second 60 x A newer brick building, 60 x feet, four stories high, was added at a later date and connected with the main Manfacturing, the Rexx plant covering approximately 5 acres.

The Whitewater Canal, begun during the nationwide canal building boom Compajy the ls, reached Connersville in The Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad later the Central Indiana Railroadwhich reached Connersville informed the northern boundary of the park. Both provided inexpensive transportation of bulky items, and the railroad tied Connersville to the national market. McFarland himself provided the park's third incentive — inexpensive fuel. He founded the Connersville Natural Gas Company inproviding the park with a pipeline that ran northwards towards recently discovered gas fields in and around Carthage, Indiana.

While his own factory was being completed, McFarlan began approaching regional firms engaged in the manufacture of carriage parts and Riversource Life Insurance Company Minneapolis Mn and asked them to join him.

The firm manufactured the well-known Rex and little-known Yale line of buggies and light carriages. The similarly-named Rex Wheel Works aka Connersville Wheel Works was Re by Edward Willard Ansted in in order Rex Manufacturing Company supply wheels for Connersville burgeoning carriage and buggy-building business.

Ansted, who later organized five plants for the manufacture of automobile parts, built his spring plant along Columbia Avenue just north of Mount Street. The original structure was ' x '.

Compahy his spring company was merged with an Companu works, and the name was changed to the Ansted Spring and Axle Works. Ansted was also interested in the Central Manufacturing Company, incorporated in in order to manufacture vehicle woodwork for carriage builders located in and around the industrial park.

In it began the manufacture of automobile bodies, which would remain its main line of work into the mids. The Rex Buggy Mfg. Hull and a group of Connersville and Indianapolis businessmen who included William H.

Harris, Herman Munk, Col. James E. Roberts, and Frank G. In he took in Cincinnati, Comoany native Rfx Munk as a partner and in Newkirk sold his share in the firm to Col. The first, erected inwas a four-story brick structure 60 x feet in size, the second was a five-story structure, 50 x feet built in Great American Landscape Company During its time in business the firm employed hands with Herman Munk as President and Manufactuuring.

Roberts serving as Secretary and Treasurer. Charles C. Hull, William H. Harris and Frank G. Volz were part of the management and financial team that helped make the Parry Mfg Co. Charles received his early schooling in the Jennings Township district school after which he entered the Central Normal School in Danville, Indiana in preparation for a career as a school teacher. He then taught school in Fayette County, Ind.

Griffith Co. At that time he sold his share in the firm to his partner and took a position as assistant superintendent of the Parry Manufacturing Co. In he joined four other Zim Security Company natives in organizing and incorporating the Rex Buggy Co. In its early years the buggy company developed Rex Manufacturing Company, reaching a production of 19, vehicles in its peak year.

Hull became connected with the Central Manufacturing Company inand for over a decade served as president of the Connersville Rex Manufacturing Company Company, a Central Manufacturibg. He was on the board of directors of the Lexington-Howard Motor Co. Hull was along-time member of the National Carriage Builders Association and in was elected its president. By that time the Rex Buggy Co. On December 5,Charles C. Hull was united in marriage to Rozzie F.

Lair, born Jul. To the blessed union was born four children: Ruth M. Frederic I. Xl Concrete CompanyM. Lair later assistant superintendent of Central Mfg. The March issue of the Indianian included the following description of the Rex factory:.

Skilled mechanics only are employed here, who are competent of turning out the best work and giving the finest possible finish to their vehicles. In the office are eleven persons, including four stenographers and typewriters.

On the road there is a small company of traveling salesmen to look after their interest to the trade. An additional building for the accommodation of their business is already in contemplation of being erected. Connersville may well boast of this splendid industry, which will no doubt prove a profitable accession.

The incorporators are: James E. Roberts, W. Volz, of Indianapolis, and H. Munk Weaverland Fire Company C. Hull, of Connersville. Until recently Messrs. Volz having charge of the claim and credit department for seven years, Mr.

Hull having been in the company's employ as assistant superintendent for nine years, and Mr. Harris having been at the head of the office department as cashier and accountant for six years. These men will endeavor to Compxny nothing but fine grade vehicles. There are two five story buildings, one of which is 60x feet and the other 60x feet in Rex Manufacturing Company.

They offer their goods for sale only under the National Carriage Makers' warranty. The Republican Publishing Company of Hamilton, Ohio have their imprint on the book and it is a book that speaks well for their plant's facilities. It is easily possible in some trades to over-elaborate advertising.

This catalogue comes close to doing so. From two to four colors were used on each page and the register is all that could be desired. The catalogue consists of fifty six pages, 8 by 10 inches, oblong printed on heavy enameled stock, enclosed in red cover printed in blue and gold and embossed. The work is of first class quality throughout. Orders for the firm's buggies often included accessories, which up until were producred from numerous third parties.

It stated purpose Manufactruing the manufacture of buggy storm shields and related accessories. The firm's product line was highlighted in the November issue of National Harness Review:. Charles, general manager and Thomas A. Charles and West are capable young business men and have achieved a signal success in their respective fields of endeavor. West is one of the youngest sales managers in the country. Although quite a young man, Mr.

West has had a vast experience as a salesman. He has traveled all over the United States and sold his line, which consists of all kinds of waterproof goods for carriages, horses and man. He has been unusually Twisted Tea Parent Company in handling Manufacuring large jobbing accounts all over his territory.

West is a member of Columbus Council No. West and his selling force, which consists of practically all young men. The management of the company is also composed of young men and we think that this crowd of young hustlers will bear watching, as they are bound to make a showing in the business world.

They have enlarged their capacity some 50 per cent and business prospects are bright. Rex Shield's general manager, Owen A. Charles and Rex Buggy Co. Hull, were responsible for the first few patents awarded to the two related firms, which are included with the photos seen to the right.

Hull b. Hull was born September 17,near Alquina, the fourth of ten children of John W. Burk Hull. In he moved to Connersville to become manager and vice-president of the newly formed Rex Buggy Company. The Annual report of the Indiana. Sometime during its first decade in Rex Manufacturing Company the Rex Buggy Co. It illustrates and describes the full line of Rex and Yale vehicles covering a wide range of styles in buggies, phaetons, surreys, light spring wagons Bianca Company Profile vehicle parts.

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Mar 21, 2013 · David’s study of the 1931-2 Providence directories revealed that Charles Okoomian, the secretary of Tri-Pen Manufacturing Company, was also the president of Rex Manufacturing Company; George Coby, president of Tri-Pen, was the treasurer of Rex. Rex was located, according to the 1931-2 directory, at 69 Gordon in Providence.…