Gaither Homecoming Taping. Welcome to the Nelon Music Group web site. This group of publishing companies represents over 10, songs with an enduring colorful and important part of gospel music history. James D. Vaughn opened his first publishing company in Fresh Food Company U Of M, TN.

After attending Muskc School, Texas brothers V. The Nlon Quartet. Also, James and J. Later he acquired others. He retired from singing to stay home and work his publishing but ended up on the road with a group of friends singing with Gaithers Homecoming Tour.

Rex Nelon Music Company loved to reminisce at breakfast where one mentioned the good old days and he replied "these are the good ole' days. When Bill Gaither, out of his love of this gospel music and favorite singers, captured on a one camera shoot, all in one room singing together, no one could have imagined that soon these songs and singers would Rex Nelon Music Company known around the world through the Gaither Homecoming Series.

This created an opportunity for a new audience to become familiar with what Msuic already been loved by another generation. We are grateful for all that these historical figures have contributed to what amounts to thousands of uses and enjoyment for this generation of gospel music lovers.

The accent was pretty heavily Asian, so although it was in English, I couldn't understand exactly United Bonding Company Memphis they were saying.

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Compwny a Muxic of ours recently said, "God's a big God, but He sure keeps a tight circle.

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Rex had a passion for songs and eventually acquired the Stamps Quartet Music, Gospel Quartet Music and with the opportunity to develop new songs with young writers he launched Rex Nelon Music, (BMI) and R.N.S. (ASCAP).…

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The Nelons was started by founding member Rex Nelon and started out as The Rex Nelon Singers in 1977. The group was a spin-off of the family group the Lefevres. They became known as the Rex Nelon Singers in 1976 because the Lefevre family members had left the group.Genres: Southern gospel…

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Rex Nelon (January 19, 1932 – January 24, 2000) was one of the senior statesmen in the field of Southern Gospel music. His career spanned over 40 years of singing gospel music, as well as being an outstanding music publisher. Early life. Rex's love of songs began as a boy in Asheville, NC. At age 14, he won his first singing contest.…

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Offering a captivating blend of gospel, a cappella, hymns, Americana, folk, and inspirational music, the Nelons are a world-class talented family. The ensemble is led by the legendary, multi-award winning vocalist, co-founding member Kelly Nelon Clark and her husband, the versatile singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, Jason Clark.…