How can we help? Every Poser there are over 20, lightning-to-ground strikes in Richard Gray Power Company 1200 United States — and that represents only half of the threat. The other half is already in your building: AV equipment, air conditioners, refrigerators, hair dryers — anything that uses power can cause a surge. Richard Gray Power Company 1200 internal power surges occur multiple times a day, every day. As power makes its way through your structure, the oCmpany get polluted by everything drawing power.

That degraded signal means that your picture and sound quality are also degraded. So why stop there? The Difference is Black and White. Surge Protection Products. Power Purification Products. Find a Dealer. View Cart.

Richard Gray’s Power Company

Since 1998, Richard Gray’s Power Company has engineered and manufactured top-of-the-line surge protection and power purification products. Over 50,000 of our products have been sold since then, all hand-made with great care at our plant in Illinois.…