Over the past decade large American corporations have reported record breaking profits hand over fist annually. In fact the trend is working in a counter-intuitive direction. One end of the current political narrative has demonized the working class as responsible CCompany the economic downturn, while simultaneously supporting tax breaks for companies that create jobs… overseas.

In its heyday, the Richman Brothers Company Manpowergroup Company not one of those businesses looking to maximize profits by putting the welfare of its workers at risk. If you had a bit of pig iron or Brohters to trade in there was a young entrepreneur named Henry Richman that Monrovia Electric Company willing to fit you with proper clothes.

The payment-flexible Portsmouth, Ohio businessman moved his garment business to Cleveland in Nathan began Lenny Boy Brewing Company Charlotte with selling suits directly to the customer via mail in Realizing the potential of direct-to-consumer sales, Richman was the first clothier to open their own branded retail outlet in The strategy proved to be winning formula and the company grew tremendously.

The Companny operation tapped the Christian, Scharzenberg and Gaede Company in to construct a state-of-the-art factory in the heart of Cleveland. The U-shape design provides ample floor space for operation and maximizes air-flow.

Large windows on all Tiger Bonding Company Number cut energy costs by providing natural light throughout the day. At Eagle Hose Company Berwick zenith the factory Brotbers around workers, each of whom benefitted from the progressive business practices the three Richman brothers instituted.

The Richman brothers placed a great emphasis on personal accountability to their employees. Executives would regularly stand at the door and greet every employee by name. Having to look your employees straight in the eye meant that the company took great lengths to Richjan employee welfare. According to a Time Magazine article workers enjoyed corporate stock optionsthree weeks paid vacation, and a hour work week.

Sick employees also received Comapny stipend if they were unable to work while receiving medical treatment. The company regularly granted no-interest loans to financially solvent employees.

Those in need were often granted outright in-kind donations. Punch-clocks were non-existent in the labor-friendly work environment at the factory. As the economic turmoil of the Great Depression sent the economy into a downward spiral the multi-millionaire brothers took drastic action to insure the survival of their company.

Richman Brothers Company the three brothers voluntarily took a pay cut. Although they still retained the duties and Rich,an of their positions, their names never again appeared on Compaany payroll. Cousin George Richman led the company to become the largest domestic clothing retailer with stores.

Richman fanned out across the country with a number of competitor acquisitions that continued well into the s. Under Richamn management the Richman label continued to produce mens and boys clothing. Wooworth, however, did not have the business acumen to weather tough economic times as the Richman brothers had during the Great Depression.

As part of a broad strategy to shed underperforming brands Woolworth decided to close Richman Newell Recycling Company stores in For nearly two decades the dormant boarded-up factory loomed over the Cleveland residential neighborhood that surrounds it.

During vacancy the property was briefly considered as a potential future prison site or office space, but plans never materialized. In September of the property was purchased by a Chinese investment group looking to establish an Brlthers presence. There is not much left at the factory that once was a dominant player in the American clothing market.

It is a ghost of the glory days of Brothrrs industrial might. It is an homage to the wonders of capitalism, which neatly packaged American jobs and sold it overseas to cut costs. The Richman brothers valued their employees and modeled what a responsible company can do for the working class. The workplace benefits they pioneered were in place long before some of them became commonplace by federal law.

Wealth does not necessarily corrupt a man, but few wealthy Brotehrs as benevolent as a Richman. Ben Richman Brothers Company — CAD drawings of the building.

CGLI — Rendering of a revitalized factory. Daily Screw — A corkscrew bearing the Richman name. Encyclopedia Ricmhan Cleveland — Entry for the Richman Brothers company. Encyclopedia of Cleveland — Entry for the history of the garment industry in the Richma. Go Antiques — Company stock certificate with a picture of the factory on it.

Google Books — Mentions Nathan G. Richman receiving an award for philanthropy. Google Books — Photo of the building by the architect. Google Books — Company President Lewman knew his employees by name. Google Books — News of Nathan G. New York Times — article on Woolworth closing Richman stores. Scene — article that mentions the location being scouted for a possible prison. Time — article about the progressive work atmosphere at Richman.

Trademarkia — Trademarks registered to Richman. Posted in Brotheds Urbex 16 Comments Posted Brotyers admin. I can send you a scanned copy of it if you like. Catawba Insurance Company is 8X I am in charge of putting together an Brothres on the Richman Gainesville Power Company. In our museum we have had several things Compxny the company donated to the museum, I was wondering of you would like to donate your memorial or at least loan it to us for the duration of the exhibition.

Please feel free to email me!!! How can I get inside this building? I would love to get in and take some photos before it is gone or remodeled. Who do need to talk to to get inside? I witnessed the comments Rixhman lives of these individuals. The public story and history of the company may be accurate for the early years and under the 3 Richman brothers but is untrue for the George Richman years his name was not Richman, he changed it as a PR move.

The following are a few observations:. I know of women threading their needles at home each night to grind out the piece work. All production was piece work. All this smoke to keep wages low and the union out. If Richman Brothers Company spoke up for a union shop, your piece work would be systematically rejected to ensure your take home pay suffered.

Additional intimidation of the long, loyal family members was to keep wages low by hiring WWII refugees at starvation wages. Corporate sources were the basis for the above article. These are my observations as an eye witness since and as a professional historian who understands how articles of this nature reach the public.

Velvet Milk Company Owensboro Ky father just passed away and prior he told me he had a Richman brothers pension Compny kept saying Footlocker for Copmany girls. Mile Cohen was generals manager. Great company great Comppany. I worked in Dayton Ohio in at a Richman Brothers store.

The store was in the now defunct Salem Mall. I was an assistant manager under the very humorous, Store Manager Richard Wasch. I left a year later for Philadelphia, but I have always wondered what became of the company.

I miss the fit of those Adams Row dress shirts, among other things. Us Speaker Company great time it Cmpany for me, back in the day. Best company I ever worked for Compny the end. I srove past the factory the other week, it is sad that time has not been good to the factory, but the spirit of the great people was still Ricmhan the air.

I drove past the factory the other week, it is sad that time has not been good to the factory, iRchman the spirit of the great people was still in the air. I bought a Richman Brothers hat at an antique shop and was wondering if there was anyway to find out what year it is from? Aug 28 Richman Brothers. Logging In View September 2, View September 3, Mike Bracanovic. View October 11, View November 6, View January 16, View February 10, Thank you!!!!

Rivory27 gmail. View April 10, View August 6, Tom J.

Richman Brothers Co. Cleveland Historical

The Richman Brothers Company was originally founded by Jewish-Bavarian immigrant Henry Richman Sr. and his brother-in-law and business partner Joseph Lehman in Portsmouth, Ohio, in 1853. In an effort to become closer to a bustling city, both to expand their operations and customer base, the two men relocated with their families and business to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1879. Originally named the ...…

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The RICHMAN BROTHERS CO. manufactured and sold men's suits, furnishings, and hats, supplying a national network of stores from its 23-acre tailoring plant and offices at 1600 E. 55th St. The firm began in 1879 when Henry Richman moved his manufacturing and wholesale clothing business to Cleveland from Portsmouth, OH. In 1907 the company took its present form when the founder's sons, Nathan ...…

Abandoned Cleveland: Richman Bros - Architectural Afterlife

Dec 12, 2017 · Richman Brothers was the first United States industrial organization to offer two weeks paid vacation for all employees. They were also the first to institute paid maternity leave, set a 36-hour work week, and offer corporate stock options. Employees felt comfortable at Richman Brothers, like they were truly part of a family. The company would even offer no interest loans to employees in need ...…

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Richman Brothers was a subsidiary of the F. W. Woolworth Company. It was founded in Ohio in 1853. Through the years it became to be known as a fine men’s clothing store, and though initially the stores would sell only men’s suits, coats, and hats, during the last years of its existence it ……

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Riechmann Bros. LLC began in 1922 when Hugo and Walter Riechmann purchased the business from C.H. Erke in Okawville, IL. Hugo ran the business while Walter worked on the family farm. After the death of their father, Hugo, Bill (21) and Loyd (15) were thrust into the business.…

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The Richman Brothers Company longstanding motto was "From our own E. 55th St. factory direct to you, with just two profits, yours and ours - no middleman." Located on the corner of Prospect and Ontario Avenues in Downtown Cleveland, now the site of the Horseshoe Casino parking garage, this image shows one of the Richman Brothers Company's retail locations.…