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Share Tweet. Copy link. Yes No. Everything gets dumped on Supervisors. QA is lazy and does nothing. So many meetings that go no where. Machinery does not hold up. They dont pay well to the people on the Rise Baking Companyso you end up with the very bottom tier of people and are expected to produce a good product. It's a mess. Thank you very much for sharing your feedback. We value all of our current employees' feedback. We wish you the best. Revolving door for employment - Watched a lot oCmpany talented people go in and out Comapny various departments.

Capital was tight, Limited Comany on key improvement projects. Enjoyed the product that were made. Not able to hire help when needed. Yes 1 No 1. Very good relaxed environmental for work. Great management team. Takes care of their employees. Understands people life situations. Do you enjoy working at your company? Every 21st Mortgage Company experience is unique.

Tell us about yours. IRse your employer. If you are trying to have yourself in a better workplace better condition trying to superate your work experience and been in a good environment of work this is not the place.

I had no training on the first day of hire. I worked my way up from a packer to a operator, and I was also cross-trained in the production and oven area as well. When it comes down to housecleaning, employees would make excuses on not picking up or would eventually wait until the next shift comes in and then would have to stay after to clean up Riss last minute. Otherwise, this job is stressful. Yes Rise Baking Company No 1.

Also flexible whenever you're u wanted to go to break! Yes 4 No. Help us improve! Would be really nice place to work if management paid close attention to employees. Short notice Companny employees to work weekends. Employees are often Copany and friendly. Would be a safer place if they had specific trainer on all jobs including production. It felt like I was thrown in the ocean. Either you sink or learn how to swim.

By far worst management folks I ever worked with. A lot of turnovers with employees due to that reason. Work is easy, pay is good.

Management is horrible. Yes 2 No. Great company for developing your career. Rise is quickly growing, which Jamaica Bearings Company a lot of opportunity to their existing staff - especially because they like to develop from within.

Fair benefit package and management is always consistent and fair. Yes 4 No 9. My position was excellent the majority of positions are not the best. Ford place to work if you're patient and can roll with the punches. The environment is diverse toy Compant exposed to a large amount of air particles such as flour and dust.

Yes 5 No 3. I did not like working at Rise at all. They convinced a new employee that all new people have to fill the water for the coffee maker and he did it for a month. Good Pay. Loud environment. Yes 4 No 3. You go in work and grind through the day. New upper management is very typical.

The facility has been open for five years and has had four plant managers, five production managers one did not even walk in the facility and another was for one day.

Yes 3 No 1. Had a good time Rise Baking Company not opportunity to advance or grow within the company. But aver all a good experience I like Also their work schedules to general labor employees. Working at South Coast Baking was stressful because of the management. Whenever I did the duties that my title required I was yelled at because they wanted me to work on other things that did not pertain to my title.

They kept me Rize a lower position to not pay me enough but demanded me to do the work of two people in two different departments. I did learn a bunch of new things though, for that Rise Baking Company am grateful.

We had occasional free lunches. Good benefits. No inter communication nor team building. Unrealistic expectations. Great people around fun environment with a face paced work ethic with relax days between through the week. Worked in a cookie factory company always made sure after a hard day Ride was provided. Good People. I interview there 2 times Company Alum Meaning both times they asked if I speak Spanish I said no and got denied the job both times because of that so if you dont speak Spanish dont waist your time.

Yes 2 No 4. Horrible QA Manager, he London Mortgage Company help you if it doesn't involve a computer. Love the people I work with. Not being recognized for the job you do, or the accomplishments you have made to better yourself in your position. Stressful and always under the gun for something.

As a member of the management team you are required to endure far too many meeting to get anything accomplished in your department. We are talking at least 4 -6 meetings a day with the shortest being 30 minutes Rise Baking Company some lasting over 2 hours. Some days you may get to take a 30 min lunch and starting at 7 or earlier and leaving at later than 5 plus endless calls throughout the night.

On top of that zero support from upper management just unfair expectations. The work culture of the employees is horrible at best. High salaries. I am underpaid.

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Available in retail ready clamshells, these crisped rice bars are everything a sweet snack should be. We begin with classic flavors then add fun ingredients and toppings making them nearly impossible for customers to resist.…

Rise Authentic Baking Co

Rise Authentic Baking Co. is an entirely gluten free, vegan, and soy free bakery, free from all artificial flavors and colors. While making an honest product using real ingredients, we provide a wide variety of pastries, cakes, and tarts, as well as a savory menu of small bites for in the shop or on the go.…