Both were bestowed after his entry into the shipping industry. Dollar became a lumber baronshipping magnatephilanthropist; he was also a Freemason. His biography and an extensive introduction by him is contained within the book, Men Who Are Making the West California Governor James Rolph, Jr. He had two younger brothers, John and James.

His mother died inand Robert dropped out of school and worked in a machine shop and then as an errand boy for a lumber shipping company to help support the family. After the death of Robert's mother, his father married a servant girl named Mary Easton, and in they had a daughter, also named Mary.

Shortly afterwards, the family emigrated to Canada. Robert began working at a lumber camp as a cook's helper when he was 14 years old, and later found New York Style Sausage Company in a barrel stave factory.

He learned French, and worked his way up to doing the camp accounting. InRobert held his first real job as a logger. He had the task of driving the logs down the river to the mill. There were no roads so all travel was by water. Logging took place some distance from the mill, so Robert Dollar Company the logs could take about three months. InRobert began to keep a diary, which he continued until ; thus, he was able to write his memoirs in later years and tell the vivid tales of logging in Canada.

But experience is the best teacher and I soon learned to stay on top of the logs. Robert met Margaret S. Proudfoot in a Presbyterian Church, and they were married in For their honeymoon, he took his new bride, along with 18 men, to Bracebridge, Ontarioto establish a lumber camp. She told her granddaughters, "When you get married, never let your husband know he can get along without you. She was a quiet person, but very determined to keep up with Robert's adventures. She took an airplane ride over Shanghai in Commenting on his constant search for new challenges, Margaret said, "Sometimes I think in the modern world of marvels, he will never be satisfied until he is the skipper of a round trip to Mars.

The timber was playing out, so in the family moved to Marquette, Michiganwhere Mary Grace and John Harold were born. His first venture into the lumber industry began when he bought a lumber camp, but it Lincoln National Life Insurance Company Rating. This did not deter him, and, apparently learning from his mistakes, he bought other camps that were successful.

He bought camps and timberland in Canada, then in the upper peninsula of Michigan and finally in Northern California. Inthe family moved to San Rafael, Californiaand Robert bought timberland and logging camps in Sonomaa mill and lumber business at Usal in Mendocino countyand other places such as Oregon and as far north as British Columbia. He lived there until his death.

Inhe acquired his first vessel, a single steam schooner called Newsboy Robert Dollar Company, to move his lumber from the Pacific Northwest to markets down the coast. Thus began Robert Dollar Company entry into the shipping industry that included lumber, commodities, mail, and passengers. In the process he became a San Francisco shipping magnate who entered the lumber trade in Canada. InRobert and his three sons incorporated their interests into the Robert Dollar Company.

InDollar built an story office building in San Francisco, headquarters of the Dollar Steamship Company, which was expanded in Inthe purchase of seven "president" ships owned by the U. Government allowed Dollar, at the age of 80, to pioneer his successful round-the-world passenger service. Pacific Mails, a U. The death of the founder incoupled with the Great Depression and the Pacific Warheaded the company into bankruptcy.

The incoming Roosevelt administration removed the critical US mail contracts from the Dollar line. The Dollar family were prominent Republicans, in they had named one of their newest liners the President Hoover, and thus drew the ire of incoming administration. Inunder the control of Robert Dollar's sons, Dollar Lines was bankrupt. InStanley Dollar filed a lawsuit to recover ownership of the line. The battle raged until when the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Stanley Dollar. Ina group of investors, led by Ralph K.

Its name was shortened to APL in The first ship was the Newsboy and others that were bought or built include those purchased as the President line. Robert Dollar had interests in China that included land, buildings, and wharves for his ships. He had a school built on the property in and rebuilt after a fire in In gave 42 acres of pasture land as a Christmas gift.

In a fire destroyed the main building and Robert and Mrs. Dollar donated the Dollar Dickson Memorial building in memory of their daughter who had died in Robert Dollar was president from to [38]. In Lynn T. After the sermon the minister and Robert had several discussions and both agreed to Xuzhou Armour Rubber Company Ltd. White was astounded when Robert endowed the Margaret S.

White be installed as the first professor. White held Yankee Rug Company professorship until he retired in Dollar donated the 13 chime carillon in that was placed in Montgomery Hall. They were moved to Geneva Hall in He provided money that bought Dollar Park and Arnotdale House, which he gave to the town, in person. The town gave him the keys to Falkirk at a special ceremony to mark the occasion.

This new Robert Dollar Centre is intended to reflect his life and achievements. After Captain Dollar turned eighty, the newspaper reporters began to ask him when he planned to retire. He replied:. I was put in this world for a purpose and that was not to loaf and spend my time in so-called pleasure I was eighty years Yolo Tee Company Reviews when I thought out the practicability of starting a passenger steamship line of eight steamers to run around the world in one direction I hope to continue working to my last day on earth and wake up the next morning in the other world.

The community of Dollarville, Michiganwhere Dollar once worked as general manager of the logging camp, is named for him.

One of the Robert Dollar Lumber Company steam locomotives was restored by the Pacific Locomotive Associationwhich acquired it in from the Western Railway Museumwhere it had been a long term project. Locomotive No. In this world all we leave behind us that is worth anything is that we can be well regarded and spoken of after we are gone, and that we can say that we left the world just a little better than we found it.

If we can't accomplish these two things then life, according to my view, has been a failure. Many people erroneously speak of a man when he is gone Robert Dollar Company having left so much money. That, according to my view, amounts to very little. Robert Dollar's last public appearance was at the Commencement Exercises at the Theological Seminary. Although he was not feeling well, he insisted in walking in the academic procession and as President of the Board of Trustees gave a congratulatory message to the graduating class.

Robert Dollar developed bronchial pneumonia and died on 16 May The U. Government sent a dirigible over the scene of the funeral, and flowers were dropped from the sky. Over 3, people were in attendance. Robert, [46] [47] who had been active in his father's business for years, and was at the helm when the shipping company was transferred to the U.

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Robert Dollar Co. No. 3 is an operating steam locomotive on the Niles Canyon Railway. It is notable for having been the last wood-burning locomotive built for an American company. The No. 3 was built new by the American Locomotive Company for the Walter A. Woodard Lumber Company in November 1927.Builder: American Locomotive Company…

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The Fleets. Dollar Steamship Company / Dollar Line. Robert Dollar was born in 1844 in Falkirk, Scotland. He moved to Canada in 1857. It is also reported that by the time he was 11 he was a shore boy in a lumber camp where he endured many hardships.…

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While working for Robert Dollar Company, the locomotive was converted from wood firing to oil firing and a welded steel fuel tank was added. The No. 3 worked for the Robert Dollar Company until 1959, when it was donated to the San Francisco Maritime Museum Association for a proposed transportation museum.…

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May 24, 2018 · Robert Dollar, also known as Captain Robert Dollar (1844—1932) was a Scots-American industrialist born in Bainsford, Falkirk, Scotland. The title "Captain" was honorary and he was called the “Grand Old Man of the Pacific". Both were bestowed after his entry into the shipping industry.…

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Robert Dollar Lumber No. #3. Historic Photographs. A photo of number # 3 at Cottage Grove. This one was taken by R.W. Biermann on June 10, 1949. Martin E. Hansen collection, used with permission. Another nice shot of #3 while operating at Lorane Valley. One of the LVL engineers said they prefered not to run #3 except as back-up because her fuel ...…