Seoul We are now expanding into the business of signaling, propulsion systems, and system engineering. Hyundai Rotem is striving to Companyy new corporate philosophies to play a key role in the nation's key industry. Hyundai Rotem is making efforts to become a socially responsible corporation by seeking ethical management. We are also building a cooperative labor management relationship and enhancing our productivity.

Through these endeavors we are aiming to become responsible corporation of high status. Hyundai Rotem is also expanding its business activities to the global market and is developing technologies that prioritize quality, environment and the people. Our products and services which are a result of such technology provide high satisfaction for our customers. Hyundai Rotem will grow into a responsible and ethical leader that continues to reach for higher horizons.

It has localized the core electrical equipment of railway vehicles including train control management systems TCMStraction motors, propulsion systems, and auxiliary power units. Electric multiple units are widely used in inter-city and metropolitan transportation.

Hyundai Rotem's EMUs have adopted various carbody materials, including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Hyundai Rotem concentrates its efforts on safe and comfortable transportation by applying special interior materials with excellent fire-resistant performance, which Roem equivalent to the materials used on aircrafts.

With population density increasing due to urbanization, the demand and necessity for high speed vehicle services are also on the rise. The Light Rail Vehicle LRV is a new type of urban transportation systems with the capacity between the subway and the bus. It is an economically efficient transit Rottem with reduced operating costs through fully automated operations with a driverless system.

The Magnetically levitated vehicle is a train that levitates above a rail with power of electromagnets. The track for a Maglev is much slimmer and less costly to Rotm compared to conventional rail tracks. Also, maintenance costs are significantly lower because the components of Maglev are hardly worn out.

The tram offers an appealing alternative to existing forms of transport and can reduce CO2 emissions and traffic congestion. Hyundai Rotem succeeded in developing a tram system The Bearhug Company Middlesbrough can be operated both with and without catenary thanks to batteries fitted into the vehicle.

Also, its catenary-free operation let them not defile the appearance of the streets. Hyundai Rotem has developed and Veeam Russian Company diesel multiple units suitable to mid- and long-distance trips.

With the accumulated technologies over the years, Hyundai Rotem assures clients of safe commercial use with comfortable ride quality. Rotm Rotem designs and manufactures customized DMUs, giving flexibility to the basic formation.

With accumulated technical Rotem Company and improved manufacturing methods, Hyundai Rotem's disel-electric locomotive has proven its reliability and quality excellence.

Beginning with Turkey, Hyundai Rotem made inroads into overseas electric locomotive market and the company is meeting various customer needs with customized locomotive design which suited to each region. Hyundai Rotem has made efforts to develop high quaility passenger coaches over the years. For Nse Company Results Calendar 2019, Hyundai Rotem's bi-level passenger coaches, which run in Company Schedule California and its suburban neighborhood, applied the CEM Crush Energy Management technology that minimizes the loss of life by absorbing frontal impact energy.

Hyundai Rotem has supplied passenger coaches of various classes to many countries throughout the Rotem Company. Based on its technical expertise, Hyundai Rotem is able to offer Copmany customer-oriented solutions, by supplying lightweight, low-noise electrical equipment suited to customer demands for energy cost efficiency and eco-friendliness.

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