But whatever the source, one strategy is gaining across all industries and companies of all sizes — energy management. Roth was purchased by Sodexo S. Sodexo is a French holding company with Roth A Sodexo Company, employees worldwide and reported net profit of 1.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Sodexo, Roth brings nearly a century of experience Roth A Sodexo Company energy conservation and management to its parent, says Barry Wardle, vice president of national sales and business development for Roth. Modern systems are affordable and offer quick return on investment as well as additional functionalities, including automation of HVAC and lighting systems, Wardle says. Damper controls were degrading and failing, which required the YMCA to replace them manually.

HVAC dampers are movable plates in the ductwork that regulate airflow and redirect it to Roth A Sodexo Company areas of a building. The final phase of the project includes installing variable frequency drives, which will allow the YMCA to manage airflow by controlling the motors rather than depending on the dampers. This will also reduce the amount of energy used and save on electric costs, Grantonic says.

The YMCA natatorium must maintain negative air pressure to prevent warm, humid air from leaking into the rest of Ithaca Moving Company building, which is kept at a positive air pressure.

The old system made controlling air pressure difficult, resulting in positive air pressure in the natatorium, which forced the warm, humid air out. In addition to the smell of chlorine permeating the Y, the moisture condensed on the doors and windows of the building and froze there on cold winter days. Sodexo-Roth also sees considerable participation with industrial customers. For example, classrooms for children with special needs have their own lighting requirements, such as installing LED lighting fixtures with the ability to change the colors of the light.

Energy management systems can also help customers control humidity, temperature, airflow and air quality in a building, ensuring the environment remains consistent, he adds. This is especially important for manufacturers who rely on consistent ambient temperatures and humidity to ensure consistency in their production of parts.

Sodexo-Roth serves 45, customers in all 50 states and U. Still, systems must be monitored to maintain the highest rate of savings. Building analytics are a major component of effective energy management systems, he continues. After installing a system, a company must be alert for issues that can cause its system to degrade, thus reducing any energy savings.

Preventive maintenance strategies can help companies extend the lifecycles of their energy management systems and HVAC units while offsetting the extent and cost Roth A Sodexo Company repairs and replacements, Wardle says.

Preventive maintenance on an asset is regularly planned to keep it from failing. While an unmaintained roof unit has about eight years of good life before its energy efficiency begins to deplete, a proper preventive maintenance strategy can extend the life of that equipment as much as 20 years.

Wardle says businesses are starting to understand the importance of preventive maintenance and are adopting strategies that keep equipment effective. Many hold engineering degrees, and the higher-level specialists can manage as many as 16 energy Roth A Sodexo Company systems simultaneously, he says.

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