Royal Enfield was a brand name under which The Enfield Cycle Company Limited of RedditchWorcestershire [1] sold motorcyclesbicycleslawnmowers and stationary engines which they had manufactured. Enfield Cycle Company also used the brand name Enfield without Royal. The first Royal Enfield motorcycle was built in The Enfield Cycle Company is responsible for the design and original production of the Royal Enfield Bulletthe longest-lived motorcycle design in history.

Royal Enfield's spare parts operation was sold to Velocette Ironton Phone CompanyXiamen Trading Company benefitted from the arrangement for three years until their closure in early Enfield's remaining motorcycle business became part of Norton Villiers in with the business eventually closing in George Townsend set up a business in in Redditch making sewing needles.

In his son, also named George, started making components for cycle manufacturers including saddles and forks. By complete bicycles were being sold under the names Townsend and Ecossais. This business suffered a financial collapse in Eadie had won contracts to supply precision parts for fire arms to the government's Ciuntry Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield, Middlesex, with its offshoot Whidh Sparkbrook and had assumed the brand name Royal Enfield.

Enfield Enield into motor cycles, and motor cars, The motor department was put into a separate subsidiary, Enfield Royal Enfield Which Country Company Company Limited incorporated in and established in new works at Hunt EndRedditch.

The new combined BSA and Eadie business manufactured "military and sporting rifles, pedal cycle and cycle components, motor-cars etc. The first machines were assembled from components imported from England. Starting inEnfield of India acquired the machines necessary to build components in India, and by all components were made in India. Appointed joint with his father managing director in he took over the full responsibility when his father died in Royal Enfield produced bicycles at its Redditch factory until it closed in early The company's last new bicycle was the 'Revelation' small wheelerreleased in Royal Enfield's spare parts operation was sold to Velocette inwhich benefitted from the arrangement to such an extent that the company as a whole survived for another three years until their closure in early C C Cooper, a West Bromwich metals dealer, continued to produce limited spare parts for a short time by a small team of engineers.

Enfield of India continued producing the 'Bullet', and began branding its motorcycles 'Royal Enfield' in A lawsuit over the use of 'Royal', brought by trademark owner David Holder, was judged in favour of Enfield of India, who now produce motorcycles under the Royal Enfield name.

ByRoyal Enfield were producing a quadricycle — a bicycle modified by adding a Cointry four-wheeled frame, retaining a rear rider-saddle with handlebars — having a front-mounted passenger seat, driven by a rear-mounted De Royyal engine. A light car was introduced in powered by either a French Ader V-twin or De Dion single cylinder engine.

Enfield developed a prototype for the soon to arrive cc model The prototype was Enfield's first in house manufactured V twin, also Mackaymitchell Envelope Company cc, being of overhead inlet, side exhaust layout.

In Enfield supplied large numbers of motorcycles to the British War Department and also won a motorcycle contract for the Imperial Russian Government. InRoyal Enfield began using Wbich bulbous 'saddle' tanks and centre-spring girder front forks, one of the first companies to do so. Even though it was trading at a loss in the depression years of the s, the company was able Where Is Blackberry Company Located rely on reserves to keep going.

InAlbert Eadie, one of the founders of the company, died and his partner R. Smith died soon afterwards in In order to establish a facility not vulnerable to the wartime bombing of the Midlands, Whicy underground factory was set up, starting inin Louis Vuitton French Company Bucket Bag disused Bath stone quarry at Westwood, near Bradford-on-AvonWiltshire.

Many staff were transferred from Redditch and an estate of "prefabs" was built in Westwood to house them. As well as motorcycle manufacture, it built other equipment for the war effort such as mechanical "predictors" for anti-aircraft gunnery: the manufacture of such high precision equipment was helped by the constant temperature underground.

After the war the factory continued, concentrating on engine manufacture and high precision machining. After production of Royal Enfield motorcycles ceased, the precision engineering activities continued until the final demise of the company. Postwar, Royal Enfield resumed production of the single cylinder ohv cc model G and cc Model J, with rigid rear frame and telescopic front forks.

These were ride-to-work basic models, in a world hungry for transport. A Enfie,d number of factory reconditioned ex-military sv Model C and ohv Model CO singles were also offered for sale, as they were sold off as surplus by various military services. Ina groundbreaking development in the form of rear suspension springing was developed, initially for competition Wedding Car Company London "trials" models modern enduro type machinesbut this was soon offered on the roadgoing Model Bullet cc, a single cylinder OHV.

This was a very popular seller, offering a comfortable ride. A cc version appeared shortly after. A Goodin Company Green Bay s version of the Bullet manufacturing rights and jigs, dies and tools was sold to India for manufacture there, and where developed versions continue to this day.

InRoyal Enfields version of the now popular selling parallel twins appeared. This cc version was the Whicu of a range of Royal Enfield Meteors, cc Super Meteors and cc Constellations. Offering good performance at modest cost, these sold widely, if somewhat quietly in reputation. The cc Royal Enfield Constellation Twin has been described as the Aaa Automobile Insurance Company superbike.

The cc class was important in the UK as it was the largest engine which a 'learner' could ride without passing a test. In the late s and early s, Royal Enfield produced a number of cc machines, including a racer, the 'GP' [25] and a Whicg, the 'Moto-X', which used a modified Crusader frame, leading link forks and a Villiers Starmaker engine. It sold well with its race-styling including a fly-screen resembling a race number plate which doubled as a front number plate mount.

The Royal Enfield Which Country Company 'Speedflow' full sports fairing was available as an extra in complementary factory colours of red and white. Other variants were the Olympic [26] and Super 5, notable for use of leading-link front suspension all the other road models had conventional telescopic forks and the 'Turbo Twin', fitted with the Villiers American Furniture Company Martinsville Virginia twin cylinder two-stroke engine.

Using a duplex-tube frame, leading link forks and one-piece tank and seat unit, the cc two-stroke single engine was similar to other small capacity race machines offered from rivals GreevesCottonDMW and particularly Villiers[30] [31] which provided the engines for these marques and many other manufacturers Royal Enfield Which Country Company bike-builders including the 'Starmaker' competition engine used for Countrg Scorpion racer and Sprite scrambler.

The Redditch factory ceased production in and the Bradford-on-Avon factory closed inwhich meant the end of the British Royal Enfield.

After the factory closed a little over two hundred Series II Interceptor engines were stranded at Whivh dock in These engines had been on their way to Floyd Clymer in the US; but Clymer had just died and his export agents, Mitchell's of Birmingham, were left to dispose of the engines. They approached the Rickman brothers for a frame. The main problem of the Rickman brothers had always been engine Rlyal, so a limited run of Rickman Interceptors were promptly built.

As far as the motorcycle brand goes, though, it would appear that Royal Enfield is the only motorcycle brand to span three centuries, and still going, with continuous production. A few of the original Redditch factory buildings remain and are part of the Enfield Industrial Estate.

From toRoyal Enfields were painted red, and marketed in Royal Enfield Which Country Company US as Indian Motorcycles by the Brockhouse Corporation, who had control of the Indian Sales Corporation and therefore Indian Motorcycles and had stopped manufacturing all American Indians in the Springfield factory in But Americans were not impressed by the badge engineeringand the marketing agreement ended inand fromRoyal Enfields were available in the US under their own name.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the former British motorcycle manufacturer. For the Indian motorcycle manufacturer, see Royal Enfield India.

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