Scam Reporting Resource. SCAM Alerts. The articles below were given to us by the Portico Brewing Company State Police. They are full of good information Appliance Rebate Program made available by:. In few people in this area had electric service. The government, through the Rural Electric Act ofoffered to lend not give money to electrify rural America. Many of your neighbors began working together, and in November Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative was organized.

Those members established the Eleectric in Mansfield and hired people to build and operate the system. Could not load Facebook feed. Please ensure that Content Blocking is disabled for Cmopany site. Can't view the Feed? Please be sure that your browser's Content Blocking is disabled for this site. Visit Tri-County on Facebook! Apogee Home Suite is an interactive suite of energy calculators designed to help you save money on your energy Rural Electric Company.

There are also energy references, a home energy library, fundamentals of electricity, appliance calculator, lighting calculator, space heater calculator, television, kids corner and Electic interactive energy home. While we are out of power and in our homes and businesses we can stay out of the storm but our lineman are heading into the storm to Rural Electric Company power to the cooperative members. They work in Rural Electric Company harshest weather, any hour of the day and any day of the year.

Whether it's a "normal" day of the week, a weekend, a holiday or one of their children's birthdays they will take the call and go to work. They are: "People you can count on. Download the Together We Save app and find easy ways to save money and energy at home. Main St. Search form Search. Online Bill Pay. Pay Rural Electric Company. Employment Opportunities.

High Speed Cpmpany Advance Registration. SmartHub Registration. History Co-ops and Rural Electrification R. Angus Steadman. For new service applications, call One of our friendly employees will gladly assist you. FAQ for Right of Way maintenance. Please click on the Image above to enter the Smart Hub Get directions.

Your Co-op News. View News Story. Tri-County REC selects broadband Tri-County REC secures federal support Tri-County broadband project.

Connect on Facebook Could not load Facebook feed. Apogee Home Golden Rule Insurance Company Suite Apogee Home Suite is an interactive suite of energy calculators designed to help you save money on your energy bills.

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ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001:2015 is a quality standard that requires a company to document, maintain and audit company processes that impact the quality of their products or services to their customers. Rural Electric was registered as an ISO 9001 company in 2005 and ……

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It is our goal to provide our members safe, affordable, dependable, consumer-focused utility services. As the challenge of rising energy costs is becoming more difficult across the country, Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative continues to utilize all resources and technologies to keep our consumer impacts at ……


IREA invites students in grades 1 through 5 to design an electrical safety poster to help us promote National Safety Month in June.…