Students must present their Diamond Company Profile Sample card either the physical card or a digital photo at the time of their visit. Rutgers University requires that all full-time students maintain active health insurance coverage. This is called a hard waiver system. To waive coverage and view semester deadlines, visit the student insurance office official website. Part-time students are not required to Rutgers Insurance Company active health insurance coverage, but they are eligible to purchase the SHIP.

The University strongly encourages all students to maintain adequate health insurance coverage at all times. Rutgers Student Health accepts all insurance plans for fulltime students.

Students with NJ State Medicaid or NJ Family Managed Care Policies will receive basic healthcare at Rutgers Student Health but may need to be referred back to their primary care physician for certain immunizations, procedures, or referrals. Rutgers Insurance Company company processes all claims with health insurance carriers for medical and psychiatric visits. All full-time students pay a health fee as part of their tuition and fees. Students will be responsible for services not covered by their insurance and applicable co-insurance and deductibles.

Registered part-time students Rutgers Insurance Company the exception of distance-learning, online-only and continuing education students are eligible to utilize Rutgers Student Health services. Coverage and payment options will vary based upon insurance. Some restrictions may apply to part-time students with Medicaid, Medicare, or federal Tri-care insurance.

Payments can be made by check or credit card. All major credit cards are accepted. Billing Rutgers Student Health accepts all insurance plans for fulltime students.

Health Insurance Rutgers

Medical care in the United States is expensive. At Rutgers, it is required for all staff, students, faculty, and scholars (and their families)—including international students, faculty, scholars, and their families—to have at least a minimum level of health insurance coverage.…