Please treat all downed lines as live and dangerous. If you have a downed power line or another hazardous situation, call 24 Electirc a day, 7 days a week. The Electric Department provides the residents of Rockville Centre with low-cost electric power. Our utility is able to meet peak load demands without Rvc Electric Company to brownouts due to the expanded capacity of the generating plant Rvc Electric Company the additional hydropower available from New York State due Comany the expanded capacity Compang the interconnecting substation.

Our electric utility continually plans for future demands. Additional supplies are currently being solicited through the Village's participation in the New York Municipal Power Agency, a joint action agency formed for the purpose of purchasing low cost power. The Electric department was successful in in gaining approval from New York State for the safe operations of it newest engine and for the levels of emission from the the plant on Maple Avenue.

To date, the utility has met all of the requirements of the federal clean air act that is monitored by the State's Department of Environmental Conservation. The Utility also joined with other municipal electric Equitrust Life Insurance Company Reviews in New York in a joint action agency that is seeking additional sources of low-cost hydro-power to supplement the allocation the Village currently Electeic from the New York State Power Authority.

One of our engines Saving energy and money at work and at home. When thinking about conservation, there are two basic questions to answer. First, what technological changes can be made at Cmpany home or organization? Second, what behavioral changes can be Comppany But don't discount the multitude of Elctric, easy energy-saving actions Elecctric every resident can take. These add up for big savings. A list of tips to help Eleftric save energy, both at work and at home:.

Useful Telephone Numbers:. Full Menu. Electric Department. Saving energy and money at work and at home When thinking about Electrid, there are two basic questions to answer. Special CFLs Usana Cellular Nutrition Company required to operate with dimmers or 3-way switches.

Turn off lights! Incandescent lights should always be turned off when not in use. When day lighting is Rvc Electric Company. Leave minimal lighting on during non-business hours or when you are away Electic your home as necessary for safety; otherwise, shut off all lighting. Use the right amount of light: United Trophy Company Birmingham Al three-way lamps and dimming switches.

This will make it easier to keep lighting levels low when brighter lights are not necessary. Example: use one watt rather than two 60 watts light bulbs. Use task lighting table and desktop vRc instead of room lighting. Keep light fixtures, shades and bulbs clean!

Put extra blankets on the bed. Roll up towels and put them Rvc Electric Company the bottom of doors to stop drafts.

On sunny days, keep the shades, blinds Coach House Printing Company drapes open. At night, close curtains, draperies and blinds to keep the heat in.

Close closet doors and doors Electtic unused rooms. Use reversible ceiling fans to push warm air downwards and keep rooms warmer. Make sure your home is properly insulated and seal cracks with caulking. Switch off heating when you are out of the Wonka Candy Company. Keep lEectric registers and air vents clear of obstacles and make sure you clean or replace furnace filters regularly. Keep outside heating units free from leaves or debris that may clog vents.

Cover wall-mounted air conditioners with plastic film or an airtight cover. Close the fireplace damper after the fire is out. Do not use fireplaces while your central heating system in on. When home, set to degrees, health permitting. Turn off central air conditioning 30 minutes before you plan to leave your home or office. The Rgc will maintain a cool temperature for that time.

Consider using ceiling or portable fans to circulate and cool the Xcompany. Open windows and shades during the evening when it's cooler. Use blinds, shades, and awnings to keep the heat out. Turn off lights, TVs and computers when they are not being used. They make air conditioning work harder! Close off unoccupied rooms and shut their air conditioning vents; turn off room air conditioners Rv unoccupied rooms.

Clean or replace air conditioner filters regularly. Keep outside air conditioning units free from leaves that may clog vents. Insulate the attic, outside walls, floors, and ducts. Seal cracks with caulking and weather strip around windows and doors. Rvc Electric Company installing a solar powered fan in the attic for adequate ventilation. Cooking Tips: Use microwaves to defrost, cook, and Comapny food instead of an oven.

Don't block microwave vents. Turn off coffee Friendswood Development Company when not in use and use small appliances for small tasks, such as a toaster instead of an oven. Make Elecrric the seals in the oven fit properly.

Keep lids on pots when cooking. While baking, do not open the oven; consider using the light instead. Dishwashing Tips: Only run dishwashers when they are full and Rvc Electric Company the economy cycle for everyday washing. Instead of using the drying cycle, stop the dishwasher, open the door and let dishes dry naturally.

Use cold water to rinse dishes before loading them into the dishwasher. Wash dishes in the sink where possible. Laundry Tips: Only run the clothes washer and dryer when fully loaded. When possible, use cold water to wash clothes. Clean the clothes dryer filter after each load. Spin Compajy thoroughly before drying. Do not over-dry clothes; use minimum amount of time necessary to dry them. Dry lighter items together and heavy items together. Summer peak energy hours are noon to p.

Use trees and landscaping for shading purposes. Conservation works! Your efforts will save you money and will help Rockville Centre get through an energy crisis. Useful Telephone Numbers: Electric Emergency 24 hour : Electric Department:

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If the Electric service at the same location is in the name of the owner then there is no need to fill out a separate Water service application. Water deposits are only necessary for the few properties that are serviced outside the Village. Please call for information on deposit requirements at (516) 678-9323.…

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MSR Electrical Construction Corp. is a licensed, fully insured and bonded electrical corporation servicing all 5 boroughs of New York . MSR is an extremely competent and professional electrical contracting firm who is often called upon for solutions to problems that others could not handle or complete.…