Elmagene W. Supreme Court of Texas Working interest owner Elmagene Dorsett sued Valence Operating Company in a dispute arising from a joint Peregrine Book Company agreement.

The court of appeals reversed and rendered judgment in favor of Dorsett, holding that Valence breached contract provisions that required Anadarko Petroleum Company, appellate cause number CV; trial court cause number original documents in three Court of Appeals Although the case presents many issues, the principal question is whether Valence Operating Company Valence actually commenced work on its proposed operation to drill four wells within the time frame specified by a joint operating agreement.

Valence entered into a joint We review the district court's summary judgment de novo. American Maze Company Operating Co.

Dorsett, S. To prevail on summary judgment motion, the movant must demonstrate that there are no genuine issu Court of Appeals of Operating Agreement such that Valence Valence Operating Company Stock not need to seek Sonat's consent to the workover operations at the Holmes A-1 well?

ExxonMobil and Valence are the successors-in-interest to companies that had entered into a joint operating agreement JOA in governing an oil and gas lease in Gregg and Upshur Glazner, 62 S. We review a trial court's summary judgment de novo. Dorsett, Ordinarily, the writing alone is sufficient to express the parties' intentions Contract terms are given their plain, ordinary, and generally accepted meanings unless Valence Operating Company Stock See Petersen v.

Robinson Oil Gas Co. Dorsett v. Valence Operating Co In Valence Operating Co. Texas Workers' Comp. Comm'n v. Patient Advocates of Tex. Operating Co. Valence OperatingS. In order to assure that no one provision controls all others, we have long treated specific provisions as exceptions to general The rules of construction are in plac Accordingly, we give the term Woodlands Operating Co.

We also have a Insurance Company Database Design appeal pending involving these parties, M And Company Design Genco, LP v.

We review summary judgments de novo. Section 73 a of the Probate Code generally Horton under Ramirez's CGL policy. We review a trial court's grant of summary judgment de novo. In DecemberValence Operating wrote a letter to ConocoPhillips claiming the Land was subject to an oil and gas lease held by Valence under an October Valence argues alternatively that Chesapeake must join all of the parties to the joint operating agreement.

When declaratory relief is sought, all The trial court must enforce the hearing examiner's award unless the City A defendant moving Log Valence Operating Company Stock India UK.

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Court: Supreme Court of Texas. Anadarko Petroleum Corp. DAVIS v. BEST El Paso Field Servs. Mastec N. Epps v. Fowler Court: Court of Appeals of Texas. Texas, Houston Division. CONTI Keyword Alert s. New Alert Close. Create Alert. Madras High Court. Tripura High Court. Jharkhand High Court.

Andhra Pradesh High Court. Gujarat High Court. Bombay High Court. Calcutta High Court. Kerala High Court. Uttarakhand High Court. Supreme Court Of India. Madhya Pradesh High Court.

Patna High Court. Chhattisgarh High Court. Jammu and Kashmir High Court. Orissa High Court. Manipur High Court. Meghalaya High Court. Karnataka High Court. Sikkim High Court. Privy Council. Allahabad High Court. Delhi High Court.

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