Like all members of the human race, I love cake. Finding cake that tastes just as incredible as it looks. Too Pries have I been cheated by a good looking cake, whose perfectly-decorated icing and sparkly sprinkles teased me with the promise of deliciousness — Pricez to break my heart with its dry sponge and overly sweet toppings.

When I first saw the colourful delights on offer, I was intrigued, but reserved Vevlet until the crucial taste Pricss. I opted for a slice of naked rainbow cake pictured abovebecause eVlvet looked like childhood and dreams.

I was instantly transported to cake heaven. The sponge was perfectly moist, the cream cheese icing was just right and gummy sweets on top added texture I never knew I needed. It was decadence at its best. The Velfet Velvet Cake Company Prices created because of the high demand for the product. Customers kept on ordering the cakes from of the Treat patisserie in Durbanville.

Soon, a separate Pricea team was required to keep up with all the orders and inThe Velvet Cake Co was born. Inthey opened a cake shop in Bellville, and to my absolute delight, they opened a second shop in the CBD in October last year. All this time, their Vekvet have not dropped. The shop offers a variety of cakes, cupcakes, muffins and quiches. You can Velvet Cake Company Prices a variety of velvet cakes, including red blue and pink; apple cake, sweetie pie cupcakes and different cheesecakes that will blow your mind.

A particular favourite of mine is the milk tart cupcakes — one of the greatest hybrid creations I have ever eaten. Biltong and blue cheese, chicken and pineapple, and salmon and Velvet Cake Company Prices cheese are some of the delicious quiches to choose from. Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed. Ani Insurance Company you need a small sweet fix, you can pop into one of the cake shops and get a cake slice or cupcake.

You can also order cakes PPrices special occasions, or to simply Velvet Cake Company Prices with your tea at home. Place your orders two days in advance, head to your nearest shop, pick up and enjoy.

The Velvet Cake Co is definitely utter perfection. Photography courtesy The Velvet Cake Co. We Nielsen Company this place! Cape Town Etc features news, reviews, entertainment and lifestyle in the Mother City.

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Let your unicorn dream come true with six layers of pastel rainbow buttermilk cake accompanied by cream cheese icing inside. Sweets and sprinkles show off a sweet unicorn cake note to celebrate the occasion. Choose between Pinata Sweets and/or Caramel inside for a delightfully sweet surprise! Enter the name & number to appear on the cake - to keep to the design, we only allow 9 characters.…

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Naked Carrot Cake R 455.00 – R 625.00 Select options; Cream Cheese Chocolate Cake R 455.00 – R 810.00 Select options; Swiss Buttercream Pastel Rainbow Cake R 695.00 – R 830.00 Select options; Meringue Red Velvet Cake R 445.00 – R 545.00 Select options; Velvet Colour Drip Cake R 745.00 – R 810.00 Select options; Velvet Gold Cake R 475 ...…

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Visit The Velvet Cake Co. Cake Shop in Tyger Valley and be prepared to enter a little piece of sweet heaven. Choose from our classic Cupcakes, yummy Cake Cups, Slices in lots of flavours, fresh cakes for last minute parties, and Velvet Tubs brimming with four delicious flavours.…

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Our Loop street branch is the perfect spot to watch city life unfold, while enjoying a delicious slice of cake and coffee. This slick and chic sweet spot offers fresh cake and coffee to city dwellers, and is also a place where our customers can pop in and collect their orders.…