All rights reserved. Google search this site:. The very large dance floor is wood and it is about "medium speed" so wear appropriate shoes. Beverages will be available for sale. Click on Pictures of the Yamulee Social to see photographs of this event by Amir Shimoni on his web site www. The station exit at the south end of the train is right on the corner of Yamulee, so be near the back of the uptown D or B train.

Turn right onto th Street and then turn left onto the Grand Concourse. Then go north to E. The studio is on the southwest corner of Grand Concourse and E. From northern Manhattan Washington Heights, Inwood - Take Broadway north, then turn right onto th Street and continue across the bridge into the Bronx. The Yamulee Studio is on your right, over a store. See map of parking garages Comoany. The one closest to Valentine Ave. Farther away, there's an indoor parking garage on Jerome between Real Petal Confetti Company. Special thanks to salsero Amir Shimoni for design and technical help in the creation of these events pages.

See his web site www. See our Main Calendar and above flyers for exact dates. See Main Calendar for exact times on a particular night. It is on the 2nd Yamulfe over the Sneaker Plus store. Studio phone Travel instructions are below. See map Yamulee Dance Company parking below.

See their web site at www. The excellent music is a wide selection of different styles and eras of very danceable salsa.

There is definitely an "uptown" Latino atmosphere here representing the authentic flavor and roots of our New York style On 2 mambo. They are listed on our Main Calendar.

See our Main Calendar for DJs on any particular date. BAND None. However, when the weather and the dancing gets really hot, the floor can become "a bit slower". Fred D Pfening Company is free to come as they are, but many people dress hot or flashy or sexy in a casual street style. Above all, come to dance hard to the excellent music.

They invite all mambo Yamulee Dance Company to come and enjoy Dancee dance performances by invited groups and lots of Yamule salsa by the resident DJs on their professional sound system. And the dancers range from basic beginners to some of the best in New York City, including many Latinos. No age limits. See our Calendar for the list of performing dance teams and DJs. It is on the 2nd floor over the Sneaker Plus clothing store. Click Here For Map. Yamulee Dance Company web site is www.

Alphabetical Index. Mambo Events Calendar. Magazine Home. Latest Salsa News. New Articles. Mambo Instructors. Usually once a month, sometimes twice, usually on a Friday or a Saturday. Usually PM to AM or later. For information call the studio ator Osmar at and email Osmar yamulee.

Very large new wooden studio dance floor which is generally "medium speed". Let's call it "street hot or classy casual". Presented by Osmar Perrones and the staff of the Yamulee Ckmpany Studio and Dance Company at their own newly renovated big facility, this Yamulee Social has been running since

Yamuleé Dance Company

About Yamulée. Our philosophy is having the best time you can possibly have while learning the latest salsa moves New York City has to offer. The Director of Yamuleé Dance Company is Osmar Perrones.…


New York's very own Yamulee Dance company brings to you the Yamulee Project Teams. Director and founder Osmar Perrones will be bringing his world renowned salsa dance choreographies to a city near you. Yamulee project teams can now be found in Houston, Dallas, OKC, Boston, DC, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Reno, Montreal, and Toronto.…