After refining the technique of wood manufacturing, YONEX starts to manufacture badminton racquets in Today, YONEX's business also encompasses the snowboard, walking shoes, football kit, sport bike and wind turbine blade industries.

It has not been an easy ride during the company's 60 year history. Minoru Yoneyama founds Yoneyama Company, Ltd. His wood-crafting business thrives until modern advancements - namely plastic floats - force the company out of the float business.

At this time, frustrated by being pushed aside by advanced technology, Yoneyama vows never again to be left behind technologically. Thus, he begins a commitment that eventually leads to innovations in the world of golf, tennis, and badminton. Relying on strengths in wood crafting, the Yoneyama Company evolves into manufacturing badminton racquets in under other brand names.

The first "Yoneyama" brand badminton racquet is introduced. Two years later, Yoneyama Trading, Ltd. The company's commitment to innovation attracts significant attention in when Yoneyama introduces the world's first aluminum badminton racquet, the The company's new 'YY' logo with the blue and green color combinations is introduced and soon become a familiar sight on badminton and tennis Yonex Company around the globe.

The world's first ultra light badminton racquet - Carbonex 8 - is introduced. YONEX's commitment to innovation bring exciting changes to tennis racquet manufacturing with the introduction of the R-series in The R-1 is the world's first square or 'isometric' tennis racquet. Following the successful use of lightweight materials to build racquets, YONEX begins to explore similar applications in golf clubs and soon introduces the world's first all-graphite head driver; the Carbonex II.

This is followed by the first graphite headed iron, aptly named the Carboniron. The super light R-7 is the first tennis racquet to win both the French Open and Wimbledon. Martina Navratilova wins Grand Slam Yonex Company in both the singles and doubles categories with R This is a world first.

Prince Edward honors the tournament with his presence. Martina Navratilova successfully wins six consecutive Wimbledon titles. Widebody golf club line, the first manufacturer to feature widebody club heads. In that same year, an A. This elite group of golfers is well known for its extreme"long drive" abilities and have all at one time or another been world record holders, U.

National Long Drive Champions or finalists. Building on the success of the isometric design in tennis, YONEX introduces the world's Ugg Boots Company Information isometric widebody badminton racquet, the "Isometric ". The cc Super A. Open Long Drive Championship. The senior and ladies models feature ultra lightweight graphite shafts weighing 1.

The titanium driver begins the next technological phase, which takes YONEX to the next level in product development, initiating a return to prominence among distance-conscious golfers. Followed by the introduction of the Super A. At 16 years, 6 months, she becomes the youngest player to achieve the number one world-ranking status.

This is established as a non-profit foundation. The V-mass features metal head wood clubs with strategic Tungsten Weight Balance.

At the end of the year, Lleyton Hewitt wins the U. Open, becoming the youngest number one player in history. Concurrently, the V-mass iron is launched featuring a strategic Tungsten Weight Balanced cavity back.

Megawati, the former president of Indonesia Yonex Company a memento of wining the award. Additionally, in dramatic comeback fashion, Monty wins the Caltex Masters for his 33rd Startup Company Definition International win.

YONEX diversifies Company Leaflets Examples the health sports industry. YONEX signs a head-to-toe contract with Ryo Ishikawa, Marco Watch Company creates history, becoming the youngest Japanese professional golfer to win on the Japanese tour aged Ryo is the runner-up at Japan Open Ryo Ishikawa wins four titles on the Japanese Tour.

Ryo competed at the prestigious Presidents Coppertail Brewing Company in the U. World No. She is also the first Thai player to take a World Championships title. YONEX enters two new businesses, sport bikes and wind turbine blades in Japan, further utilizing our unique and experienced understanding of carbon technology. Select Region International. Badminton Tennis Golf Clothing Running.

Chairman Minoru Yoneyama Yonex Company decorated by the Japanese Government for his contribution to sport. Ryo Ishikawa records the lowest score ever on a major golf tour,


YONEX achieves precise control over our badminton racquet functions at the molecular level, creating ultra-lightweight racquets that are thinner, stronger and more stable than an ordinary racquet for maximum power and speed from swing energy. At the same time the YONEX shuttlecock technology delivers outstanding stability in flight. Every shuttlecock produced by YONEX is meticulously inspected ...…